Turn Your Passion into Profits using Social Media!

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Discover the little known secrets to using Facebook,Twitter &Blogging that will generate unlimited traffic to your site,leads,clients,sales,and put more money in your pocket. Use social media to build a business based around your passions!

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Power Social Media Marketing

How to Succeed with Social Media outlines specific social media techniques for small business owners to use in marketing their business online effectively using social media. Mashable CEO Pete Cashmore talks about Mashable’s Social Media Day. The event is a celebration of the technological advancements that allow us to interact with real-time information,communicate from miles apart and have our voices be heard. Social Media Day is on June 30th,2011! Visit www.meetup.com to find a meetup near you!

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Social Media is big business

Social Media

Social Media is fundamentally big business funding marketing channels to gain information on you and me or more importantly what we like and dislike. Imagine all the information that Facebook,Google,Yahoo or Microsoft to name but a few have on all of us. Depending on your point of view social media can be a place to chat to your friends and work mates or it can be a place to build trust and followers. The latter choice…

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Twitter tweaks SEO style

twitter @ maxengage

Twitter has come a long way in such a short time and their latest improvements make for a more user friendly experience with tabs for Timeline,@Mentions,Retweets,Searches and lists all laid out for you on the left pane with the right side concentrating on tweets for images,video and profiles. Trends show you the most popular topics and it also shows you recommendations on whom to follow.

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Today I joined the Google+ social network and felt right at homeGoogle+


Today I joined the Google+ social network and felt right at home. For me this latest release from Google is a Facebook Killer…mainly because I’m Google daft and secondly their open Data Liberation does so much better than Facebook or any other social network I’ve been at before. I have to admit to that blank moment when I first got into the Google+ interface but it didn’t last long and I was soon dragging people into my circles and exploring all the options available.

You can have as many circles as you wish for family,friends,business,or any

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Smm -Social Media Marketing WWAH

Smm -Social Media Marketing Popular Softwares in Social Media Marketing Smm -Social Media Marketing

Social Media Domination Discover the little known secrets to using Facebook,Twitter and other Social Media platforms that will Explode traffic to your site and drive boat loads of real buyers to your doorstep. Social Media Domination

Social Media -mit Facebook Fanpage,Twitter und Co. Social Media Paket für Ihr Online-Netzwerk. Accounts einrichten,vernetzen und mit Traffic belegen. Alles mit Video,eBooks und Checklisten unterstützt. Erstellen Sie kinderleicht z.B. ihre eigene Facebook Fanpage. Die Paktete sind auch einzeln erhältl. Social Media -mit

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Web-Work At Home Follows Twitter @MaxEngage

twitter @ maxengage

This article is all about my Twitter accounts and where I want to go with them,I have way too many twitter accounts,is it crazy to have so many? Help me decide. Since Twitter is one of my favourite social micro blogging networks I have perhaps over reached my limit. Each twitter account that I have tweets about different subjects of interest to me. In all I have six accounts which may seem excessive to some folks and I would agree,that’s why the bulk of them are set up to auto tweet through RSS… what a time saver.

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ClickBank SocialPromote adds more choice to promote products

This is another step forward for ClickBank but im’surprised it took them so long to roll out this widely used sharing element. It’s called SocialPromote and you can see the original post here which breifly anounces that ClickBank has now integrated the FaceBook like button into their marketplace for users to share. Users have to be logged in to use the FB like button,effectively so that their ClickBank ID is embeded into the link. The good thing about the FB like button is that you can write a reasonably long description of the product and give your thoughts

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12 Social Marketing Quick Tips to keep you on track

Social Marketing is increasingly seen as an important part of an Internet marketer’s promotional strategy. Where ever you look on the web the evidence of social marketing growth is plain to see. For the uninitiated or new marketer finding your way through all the hype and misguided advice can be a tiresome task,so with this in mind here are 12 quick social marketing tips to keep you on track.

Tip 1- shifting your focus:

When it comes to successful social marketing one of the biggest mistakes that many marketers make is that they are too focused on making

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The Holy Trinity of Social Media

This article from mediate.com follows up on the headline news from the “New York Times”that Tumblr is fast becoming as popular as FaceBook and Twitter. Going by the numbers which are impressive,its no surprise. They still have a long way to go before they eclipse the big two social networking sites but their getting there.

It does intrigue me and I think i will take a closer look and see for myself. It sounds very similar to Amplify but there is a significant difference particularly in regard to sharing by way of the re-blog option,its popularity

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