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“Life’s a peach when you amplify your thoughts”

Social networks are everywhere on the web today, with so many choices available it’s hard to figure out which one to use. Over the last couple of years I have tried out quite a few including Twitter, FaceBook, Friendfeed and StumbleUpon. I have joined many others that I can’t even remember, and the reason? Well like many others to spread my message around the web and build backlinks to my blogs. To tell the truth I wanted to find a social network that i could feel at home and really connect with people. So that brings me to Amplify, just another social network? Well this one’s different, for me anyway.

What is Amplify?

Amplify is a free service that makes it easy to spark conversation about any web page,    paragraph, sentence, image or video you find on the web. Instead of just creating a short URL, Amplify lets you engage in conversation with people you share your online findings with.

On the face of it Amplify connects people like many other networks but it so much simpler to start using, for a start you don’t need to fill out lengthy forms and you can sign up and log in with your Twitter or FaceBook account. The Amplify bookmarklet can be used in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer. You can get it here. They also have a Firefox add-on that you can install here., for the full rundown checkout their FAQs . Once you have signed up you can change the header of your home page as well as link up your social network sites like twitter and FaceBook.

Just Blog and Share

Amplify lets you publish articles just like you would on your own blog, so whatever interest you on the web just amplify it and turn it into a full article. Amplify is Powered by WordPress MU so it has all the blogging tools that you would normally use. Eric Goldstein mentions in his interview with Joe Hackman that in the near future he wants to integrate full blog posts into Amplify, so you can post to WordPress or Blogger from your Amplify dashboard. As I mention in one of my thoughts in amplify you would need to decide where to put an opening paragraph and then link it to your blog or the other way around from your blog to amplify to avoid duplicate issues. You can of course just use Amplify on its own as a very powerful blogging tool to share on your social networks…your choice.

One of my recent thoughts on Amplify

Bill Masson thinks…

I look forward to linking up my Wordpress blogs with Amplify this would save so much time. You would need to be able to have just a snippet on Amplify with the rest of the Post on your blog to avoid duplicate issues with Google. Any thoughts anyone?

Eric Goldstein Response

Absolutely Bill. We’re also strongly considering integrating and promoting full blog posts as part of user experience on Amplify in the very near future..

About Amplify (source)

Amplify integrates with Twitter, FaceBook, Tumblr, Friendfeed and more so you can keep your friends and followers all over the web updated with you latest findings and invite them to discuss them with you.

How will we make money? Amplify will likely be a free ad-supported service that may someday offer optional premium upgrades. In addition to our consumer service, we plan on introducing an enterprise solution for businesses, academic institutions and other organizations some time in 2010.

Amplify was created by Clipmarks, LLC, a New York City based company with four full time employees. Forbes Media, LLC is a minority investor in the Company.

The Amplify Team: Eric Goldstein, Derek Krzanowski, Eric Weitner, Eric Skiff, Dave Grossman, Chris Parandian

It’s all very well using social networks for your own ends like marketing but to truly enjoy the experience you have to put that aside and contribute in a more meaningful way. As well as enjoying the discussions you will benefit a lot more over the long term when people see value in you and spread the word, Social Interaction is what it’s all about

Follow what I’m reading on Amplify, An invitation from Amplify and myself.

Listen to Eric Goldstein the Amplify CEO, he clearly has a solid vision of what he wants to achieve for this fledgling social network site. Your thoughts and comments are always appreciated. Thanks’ for reading

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