Sqip Booster just got better

Booster lets you lock in the PEP price at discount while boosting your equity value in Sqip. Today’s PEP price 0.73 Eur as of 10th June 2009

There are 4 Booster packages to choose from:

Booster1: 50 PEPs for 25 Euros. This is 50 cents per PEP.

Booster2: 100 PEPs for 45 Euros. This is 45 cents per PEP.

Booster3: 200 PEPs for 80 Euros. This is 40 cents per PEP

Booster4: 400 PEPs for 140 Euros. This is 35 cents per PEP.

Booster1 Pays 1.25 Euros in commission.

Booster2 Pays 2.50 Euros in commission.

Booster3 Pays 5.50 Euros in commission.

Booster4 Pays 10.50 Euros in commission.

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