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Is Sqip The New Google?

Have you heard the news, Sqip is giving away 100 Stakeholder shares as part of a promotional drive to attract new members. Okay that’s the main line puller out of the way, I’d venture to say that a fair amount of you have never heard of Sqip well until recently I was in the same boat. I was trawling through my junk mail folder when I noticed this rather unambiguous email proclaiming Sqip to be the next Google or at least Europe’s answer to Google’s dominance, Okay I did have a rather long snigger to myself!

So what is Sqip? Well it claims to be a lot of things in fact they pretty much describe themselves as an all in one Web 2.0 social Hub, full of all kinds of goodies. So I decided to take a closer look and see what all the fuss was about, true to their word they gave me 100 Stakeholder shares, presently valued at 0.25 Euros. Now that may not sound like a lot but when you consider that its free and they have a target to reach of 5 Euros by the end of this year then that’s not a bad return. Once they reach their threshold number of members then they promise to buy back the shares so you could be looking at a profit of 500 Euros, assuming that they hit their target of 5 Euros per share value at the end of the year.

Share in the Dividend and Referral Network

You earn commissions on the purchases made by anyone in your referral network. These commissions pay up to 50% 5 levels deep. The remaining 50% along with the profits from the sales of partners’ products go into the dividend pool. These profits are distributed to the Stakeholders on a per PEP Share basis. The more shares a Stakeholder has, the more dividends he/she is paid. You can purchase stakeholder shares from as little as 10 Euros (prices currently at 0.25 Euros)

Business Model Quote

The Sqip business model, partnership deals & feature rich portal will create millions of users within 24 months & that will make Sqip a very attractive business ready for takeover. What began as fun discussions between friends gradually evolved into Sqip. Developers, programmers, designers, technicians, business, legal, finance people and companies from around the world heard about Sqip and got involved in making it happen. SqipCom Ltd is a ‘Social Enterprise’ company controlled by a private foundation which uses its’ share of profits to support other Social Enterprises, environmental, artistic & educational projects.

Affiliate Links (mine is maxhomebits)

A nice little touch if you are concerned about people signing up to the program without using your affiliate link. Anyone trying to sign up as an affiliate or stakeholder directly will be asked to enter the username of the affiliate who introduced them. There is no way to sign up without having a referral username.

What Sqip offers to Visitors


Networking-Communities-Groups-Videos-Photos-Music-Web search-Video search

MP3 playlists-Auctions-Blogging-Bookmarking-File sharing-B2B-Biz Networking

Market Place-B2C-Web/pop3 email-Spam Shield-Autoresponder-Chat rooms

Forums-Dating-Radio-Video chat-Conferencing-Collaboration-Multi Media

Micro blogging-Flat rate calls-Flat rate mobile-Shopping-Hot deals-Green Lotto

Affiliates-Stakeholders-Partners-Instant account-Weekly payouts

Getting TEN 1st level Stakeholders who then introduce 10 new Stakeholders of their own can lead to all sorts of good things! You have everything to gain and a great start with 100 free Stakeholder shares. For you to really appreciate what’s on offer click through and have a look for yourselves, then decide if it’s right for you. Even if all you do is signup and pocket the free shares what have you got to lose.

Please leave your comments and let me know what you think of this program, good or bad.

Thanks for reading

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