Sqip Live Launch is Imminent

Latest Sqip Update

Sqip is just around the corner; at long last Sqip will go live. The developers are almost completed with the new stable global registration and login feature. As described last week the original system had to be ripped out as it was too unstable in bridging the various sites included in the single login protocol.

Live launch date 19th March.

Back office:

There is a new 40 minute interview with one of the founders of Sqip. Which I hope will give some more insights into the Sqip project and philosophy of its founders.

PEP Prices are held at 25 cents; if you lock in your payments for the next six months, so in effect choose your level of subscription and make your payment through your Towah Bank account or by the Towah credit card and you will receive a 100% matching bonus.

For orders through another credi card

Matching PEP bonus: 25% on orders of 100 to 499 Euros.& 50% on 500 to 1999 Euros. 100% on 2000 Euros or more Contact us for direct bank wire info.

PEP price; the PEP price will go up from March 14th at 6pm GMT. The price has been held at 25 cents for several weeks, so now it will have to go up to 30 cents, this is to reflect the growth in Sqip memberships, thereafter it will be revaluated each week and rise accordingly.

So for example if you opt to pay 300 Euros per month your account will be credited with 14,400 PEPs after receipt of your first payment of 300 Euros. You then have six months to pay the remaining balance.

I am eagerly awaiting the launch, and after hearing the latest audio from Sqip it sounds like it will go off with a bang.

Check it out for yourselves, Remeber you still have time to grab your FREE 100 Shares

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