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Sqip PEPs are coming to an end very soon!

During the first week in October the PEPs will be gone.

This means that free, rewarded and the PEPs to purchase will no longer be available.

Equity will be locked in and continue to grow in value but only members who qualify will be put into the equity buy-back program.

As per the terms, you need to have a minimum of 103 PEPs to qualify for the buy back.

If want to qualify for the buy back before the PEPs are gone then you either need to introduce 3 new members or buy a Booster package.

You still have several days to qualify.

What’s replacing the PEPs ? Read more @

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2 comments to Sqip PEPs are coming to an end very soon!

  • Robert

    Thank you for this important piece of information.
    Yet, to let people know more: the new eWallet registration form found on SQIP site does not work. When a user is registering for eWallet on SQIP site, an automatic message appears saying there is an internal error and that they are sorry.
    What does that mean exactly?
    That everyone who qualifies for the buy back program cannot withdraw the money at this very moment.

    Nice job, guys!

    • Hi Robert,
      Yes i know Sqip are having a few teething problems at the moment, but they are getting there. They now have a new back office setup, the free shares are at an end but there is still time for anybody who has shares to purchase more with Sqip Booster. As long as you have more than 103 shares then they will contact you when they are ready to buy back the shares. The Sqip Wallet is a bit of a pain, i know! and there is a lot of security checks needed to verify owners. As for buy back i haven’t requested this myself yet, but as far as i am aware you can use your Sqip Wallet to cash in the shares at any time. Its probably a good idea to email support and tell them about your problems. To be perfectly honest with you SQIP should have got there selves more organised from the start, this is such a large scale operation which needs a more hands on professional approach. Just my 2 cents

      Thanks’ for the comment… let me know how you get on ! Thanks…Bill

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