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Start your Home Accounting Business

Image by Akihabara News via Flickr

Home Based series

Starting off today with your own accounting business, and over the next month or so I will post articles on many different home based options from the practical to the unusual. These will include real opportunities from hobbies to day care, the list is endless. Tell me your story, post to web-work at home.

Home Accounting Business

For those who have an accounting background, you may be able to use these skills to help you to create a business from your home. Accounting is the method of managing the accounts receivable and accounts payable for a business. Many businesses hire full time staff to manage these financials, but sometimes, small businesses do not have the ability to hire someone to do this work for them. They turn to freelancers and accounting consultants who work for a set fee per week or month from their homes.

What the Job Entails

When you work at home as an accountant, you will be managing the books of a business, and possibly more than one of them. Often, these professionals handle tasks like making payments for the company, collecting invoices, sending invoices and balancing the company’s profit and loss statements. Most of the work is done on the computer and sometimes through direct connections to the business’s computer system. It is often the case that individuals are able to build up several clients to work with.

Educational Requirements

As with any business in which specific skills are needed, to be proficient as an accountant, you do need to have an education in the field. Most accountants do have four year degrees. On the other hand, you may handle just the recording of financials rather than the analysis of them. In this case, you can work as a bookkeeper. This professional’s job does require training but often a two year degree or on the job experience is all that is needed.

If you have previously worked in the accounting industry, then you likely have all the experience you need as an accountant. You may need to freshen up on your skills. You might also need to take on training with various accounting software tools, as required by the company. The amount of money you can make as a work at home accountant can vary widely. Some professionals make a considerable amount of money by working with several businesses.

Others specialize in certain fields and may charge more for doing so. If you have the ability to work in this field, then working from home shouldn’t be a problem. You will need to market yourself and be able to communicate effectively to businesses. In many instances, you will need to sell yourself until you get the type of business you need.

Basic Requirements

Work for businesses & individuals preparing their financial reports, accounts receivable/payable, payroll, tax planning and preparing financial forms.

If you are a Certified Public Accountant, you can charge more for your work, as your level of education and expertise are higher.

You should be very comfortable working with numbers, and be very detail-oriented. Organization is a must.

You’ll need a fax machine, copier and computer with spreadsheet, word processing and database software. An adding machine is also very useful for tallying up receipts.

Additional software and reference books, such as the yearly tax guide, will also be needed depending on the range of services you will provide.

Useful resources

Business and productivity/accounting freeware

Freelance Work Exchange


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12 comments to Start your Home Accounting Business

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  • what is acai berry

    It would be a great idea of starting the home accounting business. It is a very good idea of earning without investing in much. This work from home idea is going to boom a lot in future.




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  • For those who are proficient on the subject and would like to earn good income, this is a really good choice! It could be a part time, work-at-home bookkeeping job, or a full-time accounting one.
    You’re right, in this line of work attention to detail is crucial, that’s why one has to have organization, time-management, and planning skills as well.


  • YasintaNo Gravatar

    Hmm.. I think I am suitable for this job. Gonna find some information. Thanks!
    Yasinta´s last blog ..My Thesis Exam My ComLuv Profile


  • Epstein BarrNo Gravatar

    Can i use my space at home to do business with deduct expense for the leasing cost for the accounting matter?And how do we calculate the cost of leasing? My home still in mortgage.
    Epstein Barr´s last blog ..“Epstein Barr virus- a mild infector” My ComLuv Profile


  • Patrice

    Aside from the high potential earnings in a home-based bookkeeping business, I also like the fact that some of the household expenses can be used as tax deductions - one way of saving expenses.
    Patrice´s last blog ..Starting a Bookkeeping Business My ComLuv Profile


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