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Following on from the previous post about Cashback and coupon saver schemes I wanted to update you on my progress. In that last post I said I would use Sharesale and PepperJam to join up to relevant affiliate programs for my new venture. Well I didn’t use those sites; instead I went for more specialised CashBack sites and joined up with BigCrumbs and GreasyPalm. These two sites were well worth signing up to and opened my eyes. I wanted to get geo targeted promotions from both sides of the Atlantic, namely the US and UK markets. So BigCrumbs was perfect for the US and GreasyPalm suited the UK market. Now if you have ever visited these two Cashback sites or any similar sites, then you may well have been a bit overwhelmed by the huge array of choices available to you. With this in mind I won’t bore you with all the offers and details, but instead give you an insight of how I built my blog around this popular pastime called “SHOPPING for a bargain”

Blogging to Profit

My first job was to completely rebuild which was an online poker blog, I wasn’t getting anywhere with this theme and frankly had lost interest in it. So I began by setting up some auto posts through RSS plugins, and gradually introduced daily offers as posts by cutting and pasting HTML code from GreasyPalm. Another very handy implementation to quickly add more content were the cut and paste pages. This gave me five instant pages with little or no effort, and a good choice of relevant promotions. With a couple of coupon saver feeds for the US and UK taking up another couple of pages my site was taking shape. All that was left was to put up some widgets and an about page. BigCrumbs provided the featured eBay widget which allowed me to promote somebody else’s eBay shop.

Better by far

The blog has only been open for about a week but already I have seen a marked improvement in traffic, including RSS subscribers. So I must be doing something right, okay its early days yet and I still have to build up other areas like live API feeds, but that will come in time. This whole retail trip that I am embarking on has got me thinking, about how to branch out to include more niche or specialised shopping portals. The sky’s the limit as they say and the possibilities are endless.

If you’re interested in trying your hand then give these two sites a go, you will see for yourself just how helpful they can be. Even if you just join up for yourself you can save a packet.

BigCrumbs has been online for two years and has close relationships with eBay and prominent national retailers. They get paid a marketing commission from eBay and other retailers which they pay onto their members. As for trust, well they seem to have all the badges at the foot of their page including Verisign, Hackersafe and eBay Certifications. They also have a forum as well as chat facilities for members; you can kind of see it as a social gathering for shoppers.

GreasyPalm Packs in lots of convenience for grabbing codes for your blog or website with a never ending supply of fresh daily Cashback offers. You can earn extra cash by entering sweepstakes, competitions and surveys. You can also post your own deals or view members deals. Found this site really easy and straight forward to use.

Thanks for reading, as always feel free to comment[superemotions file="icon_biggrin.gif" title="Big Grin"]

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