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I had a go at this site build software the other day, I used the lite version to check it out and give it a road test. It pretty much does what it says on the box and without too much fuss. It can be a good addition to your site or blog and adds a bit more depth for your visitors. The lite version lets you input your Adsense I.D; along with one keyword (I have chosen Affiliate) you can also edit the header, footer, sidebar and inner content files to include your own affiliate promotions.

As far as I am aware you aren’t limited to how many affiliate banners or text you wish to include and Adsense uses the maximum allowable space. The template is fairly generic and could do with some changes, at the moment I have just swapped the header image and included some banners.

The standard version replaces all the built by links to include your ClickBank ID. You can also get a load of stats; include your own link text for all the footers along with a choice of more keywords and video pages.

You cannot change the footer text, I tried but it messes up the whole site (upgraded members are allowed to change footer text) Here’s a side by side list comparison of the free and upgraded version.

Upgrading allows you to join their affiliate program, RSS feeds are included at the foot of each page. The cost of the upgrade is not beyond most people’s budget at $27.00 which is not bad for a program that automatically fetches videos depending on your keywords and throws up a bunch of stats for you to gather marketing information.

If I were to do this myself with WordPress it wouldn’t be that much of a problem, that being said, do I really want to bother when a script like this can do all the hard work for me. One thing to remember with this package if you want to change the style of the template, you will have to be familiar with CSS and HTML or at least have the basic knowledge. I changed the background colour and header along with one or two fonts.

Check it out for yourself HERE, the link for the product is at the foot of the page.

Let me know what you think

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