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Strategies I Use To Promote My Website

People come to me sometimes and say, “I think I need to promote my website, but how do I promote my website? This is the question I hear most often. It is the right question to ask. Recent studies indicate that more than 86% of people looking for a business today use internet search. Having a website is not enough. People have to find it. If you have a site, you need to remind yourself every morning, “I need to promote my website today.”

Most people who say, “I need to promote my website” think there will be one or two things they need to do once. Website promotion is an ongoing task. It is not enough to be one of the billions of websites or to be one of those that are being promoted. The question should be: How do I promote my website so I can rank in the top ten on the search engines?

More than 60 billion searches are performed online every month. Only 3% of those searches click beyond page one of the search results. Now that Google (at least) is including live social search results as well, ranking in the top ten for a keyword is essential.

How Do I Promote My Website for those Results?

The kind of website promotion that achieves those results requires an integrated marketing plan. You can manage it yourself, hire a marketing firm to do everything for you, or work with experts who will provide the expertise you need on your marketing team. Only you know what you have the time and knowledge to do and what you can afford to outsource. Then you must customize to address your market and to best present your company. The way I promote my website will be different from the way you promote your website.

Promote My Website with the Right Methods

This is also a question I hear frequently. Here are the tactics I use to promote my website and that I believe will serve you well in promoting yours.

  • A professionally-built and designed website
  • Identify the keywords people use to find your products
  • Search Engine Optimization of your site and everything else
  • PPC ads on search engines
  • Effective social media campaign, to build interest and to build incoming links to your site
  • Plan your blogging
  • Link various pages of your site
  • A plan for developing content for your site
  • Article marketing strategy
  • Media relations campaign and regular press releases
  • Submit the site to search engines, directories and indices
  • Take full advantage of local search
  • Use top-notch landing pages
  • Develop a strategy for developing leads
  • Lead management system
  • Offer free items or information people will sign up to receive

These are the primary methods you need to “promote your website.” If you can weave these together in a balanced way, you will have good site promotion and you will begin attracting high quality traffic to your site. When you say to me, “I need to promote my website” this is the best outline I can offer.

If you own a small business and want to learn more about lead generation, watch this short video, “How Article Promotion Can Drive 25,000 - 50,000 Visitors to Your Web Site Each Month - For Free.”

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    Yes website promotion most definitely is an ongoing task that is never really complete. You can always have more backlinks, more traffic, better rankings and more content. To get to the top of the search engine rankings and stay there, you cannot afford to stand still. You need to find ways to consistently contribute to your overall marketing goals.

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