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Studying for a Career is big Business for online Education providers

An opportunity to profit from the “Further Education” market

This is a very good niche to get into at the moment and has been for a while; it has all the elements of being a success if promoted the right way. The further education industry is a huge market worldwide as an example the North American Market in 2008 was worth a cool $2 billion. There are many that believe online learning is equal to or superior to classroom learning.  With a well designed website you could profit from several well targeted monetization methods. There are affiliated products as well as online education providers that you can promote. Even if you only write about online degrees or education Google will contextually optimize your ads, and if placed in the right locations will bring you in passive income.

Setting up your Website

As said earlier a well structured website can attract potential suitors looking for information on further education. Finding these people is relatively simple to do by surfing educational forums and social network groups that are associated with further education. Use a bit of common sense when engaging on these forums, your main aim is to gather information which will form the basis of your website. This target audience will give you immeasurable and valuable information on how to structure your website. There is always a Q & A thread running on any forum and this is where you glean the best information.

PPC, Content network, CPA

This has to be part of your strategy especially if you want to make money quickly. You will have to get fairly adventures with your keywords and phrases as the more popular items are fiercely contested. Keyword phrases like “Online Degree” or “Online Education” could well be going for around $20 a click so you have to get smart and do your research on long tail keywords. You can compete if you work clever and use phrases that are linked to any particular affiliate product or service in a more innocuous way. Post titles are a surprisingly good way to attract targeted traffic if worded correctly. Brainstorm: By trawling forums and groups you can get an idea by looking at the questions being asked and linking these words into your SEO. To maximise your reach also look at the AdSense Content network and CPA (cost per action) where you may well benefit from someone completing an action like filling out an enquiry form.


The growth in internet speed and technology makes online learning an equal to classroom learning if not better. Today, computers can handle all manner of streaming audio/video which has removed the need for teachers to be physically present in the same room for classes they teach. The educational market shows no sign of slowing down and is an ideal niche to get into.

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