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You have two options you can follow if you want to post about your service or Website/Blog to Web-Work At Home.

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If you would like to write a post about your blog or yourself and include any relevant marketing or home business news, then please register first. After you have registered then please email your post in a plain text attachment to [email protected] or use the simple contact form below and hit send. Once I approve your post, you will receive notification. You can of course include a link back to your own blog or site, all guest posts will have a box about the author at the end of the post. You are free to include up to two links in that box (one link to your site and one link to its RSS feed or one link to your site and one link to your Twitter account and so on) as long as you write useful and beneficial information for my readers then it will get published. You can write about any affiliate program or Niche, please feel free to express yourself but keep it clean.

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2nd Option

Post to Web-Work At Home through “Free Traffic System”

This has a lot more added benefits for your traffic. Free Traffic System is a unique service that gives you an unseen bargain - top quality one way backlinks from relevant sites in unlimited amounts for FREE!

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Your post must be original and must have never been published before on the Internet. Set your word count to at least 400 and no more than 800. Please do not go over the top with blatant advertising within your article.

All guest posts will have a box about the author at the end of the post. You are free to include up to two links in that box (one link to your site and one link to its RSS feed or one link to your site and one link to your Twitter account and so on).

Thank you for showing an interest,

Bill Masson

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I reserve the exclusive right to moderate all posts and comments posted on my site, including but not limited to:

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  • Trackbacks are remote comments and are subject to these same rules.

Ultimately these rules are here to give me some control over my site. Hopefully I’ll never have to resort to them, thank you for your understanding.

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13 comments to Submit Post

  • Your software calls all of my comments spam even after I put in the word to show I am human. I think you are losing comments with how tight your word policy. I guess I could not get your captcha to work.



    Bill MassonNo Gravatar Reply:

    Thanks for the heads up, i will take a look and see if i can solve the problem.


  • Hi there u have a very good ideea this way u will increase your traffic and at the same time make ure visitors come back for more information.

    keep up the good work


    Bill MassonNo Gravatar Reply:

    @CupY, Thank you very much for your comment, please consider coming back to discuss your niche of anime.
    I have often wondered why this genre is so popular.


  • I will cause you have some pretty interesting articles here :)
    If you do like anime or at least want to find out what si it about them feel free to visit my blog and leave me a feedback, i’d be honoured :)

    Till we’ll talk again i wish you a lot of traffic and a nice Sunday :)


  • Come on guys theres hardly any comments on this article!


  • Do you write the articles yourself or do you get somebody to write out your ideas for me? As when i tried blogging I was nowhere near this good!


    Bill MassonNo Gravatar Reply:

    If your referring to submitted posts for web-work at home then its down to you to write your own post. You can do so either by registering on web-workathome or you can join up with Free Traffic System the choice is yours.


  • Epstein BarrNo Gravatar

    I’m looking for a good website to post amatuer poetry, I just wanna hear opinions from people who are interested. I know people post them on a ton of places… Just wanna find a few good ones.


  • Lax transportationNo Gravatar

    I need some help in trying to find a service where I can obtain quality one way backlinks to my site.. I don’t want individual links that cost a fortune each month. I’ve been there done that and am tired of spending over.


  • Bill MassonNo Gravatar

    Have you tried out the FREE TRAFFIC SYSTEM yet? They might have what your looking for, I agree with you about the cost, some of them are very expensive. You should give the Warrior Forum a try.


  • Epstein BarrNo Gravatar

    If you want a good site, where the writers are serious and most have been published, then you want one of the following three:; the Writer’s Block on; or the Eratosphere. The majority of the writers at those sites have been published in known magazines and their critiquing skills are above average.


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