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Just for a change I thought I would post some of my comments from Surfing the blogosphere on blogs that I have read this morning. All three posts are excellent reads, so why not pop over and leave a comment.


Are Paid Link Directories worth the money?

I haven’t committed to paid directories, for the individual blogger these paid directory listings are a complete waste of time. You would be better off commenting on high traffic and Do Follow blogs and social networks like Blogcatalog. You do have a point though about new sites getting some decent exposure. It comes down to how well you have done your research in whatever niche market you’re in. If you have the resources or the time then you can build up a lot of backlinks through article directories, but the best links come voluntary from the .gov and .org sites with authority.

Don’t get me started on DMOZ !!


5 Reasons Your Google Rankings Can Drop (And How To Overcome Each Of Them)

#1 Reason: You lose the fresh content bonus.

I was wondering why a couple of my sites got a PR 2 after only a month online, “The Google Bonus” first time for everything, lol

Reason #2: Your internal link structure changes.

Your advice is sound; I use SEO Smart links plugin that does a fair job, although I have to constantly keep an eye out for keyword linking that it may have missed. “”SEO Smart Links can automatically link keywords and phrases in your posts and comments with corresponding posts, pages, categories and tags on your blog”"

Reason #3:  The link structure on sites that are linking to you changes.

Excellent description of link structure, I suppose its self explanatory really! Keep the fresh content coming. I can see your point in the Ezine Articles example. I have submitted articles to Ezine Article but haven’t kept up the submissions, so I guess I have to promote more.

Reason#4: Duplicate content.

This is a tough one; I don’t think you can do a lot about it, I state quite clearly on my about page that anyone is welcome to use my articles as long as they leave the links and author name intact. Of course any determined blackhatter will always win out. It’s harder to prove it’s your content if the links have been stripped out.

Reason #5: Your site becomes stale.

This just goes to show what blogging and writing is all about, plain old hard work and effective CMS Strategy. In a nutshell


The Two Biggest Reasons Why Most People Will Never Make a Full-Time Income Online

This is a subject that is well versed around the web, but no matter how many times you write about it there will always be many unfortunates who believe they have the right product or passion to succeed. I have been there seen it and have the t-shirt. But hell it’s what we do in life that determines our destiny. You make some excellent points about product choice and I whole heartily agree that it is better to single out the more lucrative ones.

The biggest problem for a lot of affiliates is information overload, there is so much crap out there, and unfortunately people get sucked in to a false sense of security. For anybody who is holding down a full time job and supporting his or her family affiliate marketing can be a daunting challenge. For me it’s a building process that takes time and discovery but absolute determination and drive.

Thanks for reading!

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