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Just to shift the focus onto a different subject, here is another post on SEO but more particularly about the actual tools that we use whether they are free or premium. I suppose this post is in part, a response to an article from Problogger that I read the other day, Daren Rowse writing about his recent visit to the Blog World Expo where he met Shoemoneys’ Jeremy Schoemaker and was lucky enough to receive a free account, (Yes all right I believe you Darren; ((“I don’t do a lot of PPC (in fact I’ve not done any for 9 months or more”)) Darren’s words not mine))  The PPC Tools that have been developed by Shoemoney are quite extensive and i wanted to draw some attention towards other solutions that are freely available as well as giving my own views.
First of all here is a condensed list of what’s available through Shoemoney, by all means pop over and have a look for yourself, you will need to register. And the list is somewhat more revealing, but that’s the point it’s only a list, and of course the obligatory video presentation. I can’t help feeling that I would have preferred to have a trial run before I got out my wallet, but hey that’s salesmanship for you.
There is an impressive list of referrers with a lot of letters and certificates after their names; all together very polished, too much for my liking.

Brief List of Shoemoney’s PPC app’s
SEO Tools   : Backlink Analyzer Domain - Marketplace- Find Backlinks- Keyword Density Tool- Keyword Tracker -Most Linked- Text Optimizer-PPC Tools : Ad Generator- Ad Manager- Instant PPC Builder- Keyword Generator- Keyword Grabber- Keyword Manager- Local Keyword Generator- Local Trademark Bidding Tool- PPC Keywords-  Local Search, enter zip-PPC local brand tool
Link Building Tools-Backlink Analyzer-Find Backlinks-Most Linked-Related Blog Posts
If you have a promotion coupon like “problogger” it will cost you $20.00 for your first month, then after that it will cost you $100 a month “ouch” no thanks guys. Now I am not knocking Shoemoney but I think this service is a bit on the pricey side and not in a lot of people’s budget, I mean that’s $1200 a year which is probably beyond a whole bunch of online marketers or business for that matter. Now I suppose it all depends on your own circumstances and just how serious you are about getting to the top of the search engines with your PPC campaign. But I have to say that there are a lot of other alternatives out there that don’t charge anything like a $100 per month, sure there are some that actually charge more. If you check out my main website at you will notice that I promote WEB CEO, now apart from getting commissions for sales, I feel it’s important to point out that the free version has many useful features that you can utilise, below is a sample of what you can do with the free version.

Increase Your Link Popularity by Finding Link Partners

Manage Your PPC Campaigns with Paid Engines’ Services

Analyze Trends In Search Engine Rankings

Improve Your Rankings by Analyzing Backward Links

HitLens Web Analytics and ROI Improvement Service (15 Day Trial)

Upload Your Optimized Pages

Monitor If Your Websites are Up and Running (Upgrades available)

Submit Sites and Pages to Search Engines and Directories

Quick competition overview in the built-in browser

Unlimited Keyword Mining from your competitors’ pages thru the ‘Get Suggestions’ tab

Unlimited Number of Web and Local Pages to Analyze

Plain English Advice for General Search Engine Compliance

Analysis of External (Off-Page) Ranking Factors (Links, Site Theme, Google

PR, Alexa TR, Backlinks’ Themes)

Keyword Density Analysis for General Search Engine Compliance

Analyze Your Pages vs. Competition

Analyze and Edit Critical SEO Parameters (Frequency, Prominence Weight) in Important Page Areas

Easy Edit and Access Important Meta Tags

Change Meta Tags on Multiple Pages at One Go

Easy Edit and Access to Page Areas Important for SEO (Page Title, Headings, Alt tags, etc)

Replace Text or Tags in Multiple Pages

Robots.txt Editor for Your Robots File

Xml, Txt, Html and ROR Sitemap Generation, Pages in the Sitemap

As you can see its quite a comprehensive list of SEO functions and to tell you the truth I haven’t used every one of these functions yet, there are so many of them. Web SEO might not be for everybody and the software does take a bit of time to get used to, but a very powerful tool it is none the less. You will also find several other free tools on MaxHomeBits which are very useful and are all available completely free.

Here are the only two sources that I use on a regular basis on the net.
Search Engine Land All the latest trends discussed by Industry experts
SEO Chat A more comprehensive selection of SEO tools you will ever find
Along with these two resources I use WEB CEO on my desktop which keeps all my information backed up and organised. So you be the judge and let me know what you feel about SEO and more particularly PPC. Whether you do it yourself or hire a company to do it for you one thing’s for sure you can’t do without it!

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((3 effective strategies to help you achieve this)).

1. Break up your copy

Remember your prospect is looking for a reason to turn the page or click off to another site so it’s not just what you say but how you present it.

Use short paragraphs and sentences.

Break up your copy with Subheadings.

Subheads make it visually more appealing for the reader so they are more likely to start and continue reading if it looks easy.

Just be sure that the copy that immediately follows is totally relevant to the headline. And that each section flows into the next.

You should use them like links throughout your copy to move your reader from one point to the next - linking all the main elements of your letter. This also means that skimmers can quickly scan or scroll down your entire letter and still get the message even if they are not reading every word.

2. Turn features into benefits

you’ve maybe heard that we’re all listening to our own radio station called WIIFM or “What’s In It for me.”

So if your prospect is thinking in “what’s-in-it-for-me” terms then you need to be writing in those terms.

They will only be stopping on your ad long enough to see if there is a possible solution to their problem.

And to keep your reader interested you need to be writing in WIIFM terms throughout your copy. Not just in the headline.

This means writing in benefits and not just features. Your prospect is not interested in your product or its features. They are only interested in what your product or service can do for them.

A simple way to translate features into benefits is by using the 2 magic words “which means”. If for example you are selling a television set with a really big screen. You could write “The top model in the A-brand range has a big 60 inch TV screen which means you can create a movie theatre in your very own living room”.

3. Use bullets effectively

like subheads, bullet points help break up your sales letter and make it easy to read as well as appeal to skimmers. People like that sort of checklist.

Some of the most effective bullets are

- Blind bullets which are a teaser and don’t give anything tangible but they do create curiosity.

- Give away bullets where you give the reader a nugget of tangible information which makes them think if you are giving this away the information you are selling must be really great and valuable. Use this sparingly; say one at the beginning and one at the end of your bullet list.

- Short sentence bullets that let you pack in a lot of information in a concise way. Like a shorter version of a short paragraph.

- Written in benefit terms that translate a feature into a benefit that solves the reader’s problem.

Use these techniques to have your prospect reading your letter or ad right till the end you are bound to increase your sales results.

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