Site Builder Elite Video Promo

SiteBuilder Elite video promo (21.14 mins) Very informative video promo where Gary Nugent takes you step by step through his SiteBuilder Elite software program.

What this software does for you:

“Boost Your Adsense And Affiliate Commissions By Building 10s, 100s or 1,000s of Websites, Each With The Click of a Button!”

Monetization on steroids, and it handles Google’s duplicate content with freshly updated content.

Search engines just love this type of website because its always fresh and is constantly updating.

So watch the video and pick up some useful tips, even if you don’t buy you will at least come away more the wiser.

Boost Your Adsense And Affiliate Commissions with SiteBuilder Elite

ReviewAZON Incentive: My Stats thus far


1st things 1st, I have written before about ReviewAZON so checkout all the benefits if you need a refresher. Remember there is a 15% discount that runs right up to the 31st of December.

Since I started promoting the ReviewAZON WordPress plugin about a couple of months ago the take up has been to say the least poor. My tracking has revealed 3104 unique clicks thus far and only one sale has materialised, and this is with the recent Christmas discount in place. So I guess that the Christmas period is foremost in people’s minds and it’s not a good

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What is Your Definitive Guide to Adwords?

To make money… yes of course you do, but to do that you need a consistent strategy.
Are you looking for a definitive guide to AdWords?  There are plenty to be found on the internet, I’m sure, and each one will tell you that they’re better than the last.  And while they all (or most of them, anyway) all provide useful information to get you started using AdWords, what exactly is the definitive guide to AdWords?

Well, that depends on what you need it for.  Because the definitive guide to AdWords is going to look very different to someone who is just

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Pay Per Click Tips for 1st Timers

A few quick points to take into consideration for first time PPC users

*Recommended third party PPC providers outside the big players like Google and     Yahoo …. Shop around! or MSN,,

*Conversion tracking is vital to you know where your activity is whether it be your landing pages or sales.

*Auto credit your Credit Card   “turn off this option” unless you’re loaded!

*Set up separate pages without Google AdSense if you are using their service, this way you can see what kind of earnings are accumulated and split test.

Example … This Company decided to test AdSense ads on their website, but opted

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My Top 20 WordPress Plugins revisited

Since September my main purpose for WordPress Plugins was for search engine optimization so there are a few important changes here and of course

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Using Twitter to Increase Revenue

Does twitter increase your online revenue? For me it’s hard to be sure, although there must be a knock on effect through AdSense and other affiliate links. There are many services that utilize the Twitter machine to blast ads out over the network, but to be effective you will have to have either a highly targeted following or at least 5000 followers. Although this article is about revenue through twitter it must be said that the primary reason I use Twitter is networking and reciprocal traffic.

Twitter themselves will start drip feeding ads onto your home page; most of the ads

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