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Build PROFITABLE Ad campaigns fast!

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AffPortal is an extensive research tool for busy marketers to find profitable keywords for their ad campaigns fast. It has many research tools that make the job of finding keywords quickly and easily, it also has landing page templates, video tutorials and a whole lot more.

List of Tools

SMART Scraper - the PPV game changer that cuts campaign build time by 50%. Submit your offer root url and get back kw & URLs instantly.
URL Scraper - mines as deep as 50 pages in the search engine results and optimizes the

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Can you Make Money on AdWords?

It wasn’t so long ago, that it was easy to make money with AdWords.  You didn’t need to know that much about PPC advertising.  You could get ads for pennies, and you only needed to have limited funds to get you started, you could sit back and watch your income increase as you made money on AdWords.

But, like any easy and simple way to make money when it becomes over popular it kind of dries up. The more people that joined in, the harder it became to make easy money with AdWords.  The increased competition drove up prices on AdWords

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