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How to Manage and track your affiliate programs

Following on from Wednesday’s creating your own affiliate network. The great thing about marketing affiliate programs is that anybody can do it. This is the one area where you control and dictate how you want to use them within your particular niche. If you have a lot of affiliate programs running at the same time it can be a little overwhelming. It’s important that you track your stats, personally I use a program called Ultra Maxed to track all of my affiliate links, more of these tracking programs can be found below; another way depending on what affiliate network you use is to… Continue reading

Cash in by setting up your own Affiliate Network

Joining an affiliate programs is second nature to millions of webmasters but have you ever thought about starting your own Affiliate Network? Inviting others to sign up to your affiliate program is a great way to increase sales. Setting up your network is fairly straight forward and there are many off the shelf programs on the web to make the process hassle free. Cutting out the middle man If you are signed up to any affiliate program then you know how this works, if you make a sale you get a cut or percentage of the sale. So just reverse this method and get your… Continue reading

How To Become An Affiliate Marketer

Here's some easy to follow advice to all the people who don't know anything about affiliate marketing or online network marketing. Lesson 1 will be to introduce you to affiliate marketing: I will keep this short, because I am sure you can use google to research this topic intensively. What is affiliate marketing? As an affiliate marketer it is your job to promote other people's products. A lot of times these are digital products in the form of ebooks or videos. As the affiliate marketer you get paid comissions for every sale that you generate, this could be as high as 50%-70% of the buying price. So how do you get a… Continue reading