Cash in by setting up your own Affiliate Network

Joining an affiliate programs is second nature to millions of webmasters but have you ever thought about starting your own Affiliate Network? Inviting others to sign up to your affiliate program is a great way to increase sales. Setting up your network is fairly straight forward and there are many off the shelf programs on the web to make the process hassle free.

Cutting out the middle man

If you are signed up to any affiliate program then you know how this works, if you make a sale you get a cut or percentage of the sale. So just reverse this

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Pay Per Click Tips for 1st Timers

A few quick points to take into consideration for first time PPC users

*Recommended third party PPC providers outside the big players like Google and     Yahoo …. Shop around! or MSN,,

*Conversion tracking is vital to you know where your activity is whether it be your landing pages or sales.

*Auto credit your Credit Card   “turn off this option” unless you’re loaded!

*Set up separate pages without Google AdSense if you are using their service, this way you can see what kind of earnings are accumulated and split test.

Example … This Company decided to test AdSense ads on their website, but opted

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Motivational and self improvement sells

Here’s a novel idea, how about selling your product through Subliminal learning techniques. It may not sound as daft as you think; the power of thought is apparently big business nowadays. There are many websites that have tuned into this lucrative self improvement market. In a world full of stress and anxiety there are plenty of potential customers.

What’s available?

Motivational and self improvement products come in many forms including books, tapes, and seminars. A good point to remember; this product has a wide demographic circle and encompasses young and old alike from all walks of life. There will be some

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Taking a Break from Web-WorkAtHome

A Practical Guide to Affiliate Marketing: Quick Reference for Affiliate Managers & Merchants

Overall Rating:  
Retail Price: $29.99

Amazon Price: $19.79

Just a quick note before you read the rest of this article; I will be taking a break from Web-WorkAtHome for a couple of weeks. There are a number of reasons for this break, the main one being that I want to concentrate on building and consolidating my niche network. This has always been my main passion and I just love building new blogs with WordPress. Web-WorkAtHome will still be available for you to submit a post if you want to promote

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Affiliate Guide News

As I am a fan and subscriber to Affiliate Guide I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce this affiliate site. It has loads of information on affiliate programs and gives you the option to upload your own promotional video and converse with other affiliates to discuss the Industry, with loads of tips and advice it’s well worth a visit.

It is becoming increasingly common for affiliate programs to offer prizes as an extra incentive for affiliates to promote their products. For example Launch Tree is giving away a Mustang as top prize (which was won by Brad

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