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Smart Affiliates Promote with Custom Squeeze Themes

Affiliate Theme from UBD (Unique Blog Design) is running a promo for their latest release “SQUEEZE THEME” which is due out on the 24th of November. The deal is: If you buy Affiliate Theme before the cutoff date of November the 17th they will knock off 50% from their brand new SQUEEZE THEME release. If you are not familiar with Affiliate Theme they specialize making themes for affiliate and Internet marketers. Their themes are all built with simplicity in mind and give you multiple editing and layout options. Benefits include:

Choose From 6 Layouts to Improve Conversion! (Landing Page Layouts)

·         Optimized

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How to start your own Affiliate Review Site

At the moment review sites are very popular and can be an excellent addition to your online marketing activities. There are lots of companiesthat offer ready made or turnkey sites for webmasters that want to turn a quick profit. These sites which can be one page landing sites, to full WordPress blogs are a quick and easy way to build your presence online. For the PPC enthusiast who wants to chop and change and split test then these turnkey services are ideal.

Quality Counts
When it comes to PPC and quality it’s important to have a well oiled system that includes good coding

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Affiliate Casino Dreams

As an online affiliate marketer today you have an unbelievable choice of programs to pick from. For me it’s always a good practice to use as many affiliate programs as you can to bring in multiple revenue streams. This article looks into Casino Affiliate marketing and the gambling industry as an online business model in general.

I think we all know that online gambling is big business; I doubt there’s anybody who hasn’t come across a casino or bingo site on their travels. Because of its sheer size there are plenty of affiliate programs to choose from, so it’s a good

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Video Pay Per Click Target

What is SpeedPPC and what can it do for me.

SpeedPPC takes your list of keyphrases (Google calls them keywords) and enables you to multiply them into additional combinations, e.g. “dentist” can be combined with a list of suburbs, e.g. “dentist richmond”, “dentist kew” and so on. This known as the “dual core” method. You can specify different bids for Exact, Phrase and Broad Match. SpeedPPC also creates the creatives, which are the actual ads you see on the ad network and their partner sites.

You can upload the creatives and the keywords with their bids using the Google AdWords Editor. The

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How To Create Your First Affiliate Marketing Site

If you want to learn the best simple affiliate marketing strategies, I recommend you keep reading…

Blogging is the easiest way to start a website. Blogging is easy to start and maintain. On the Internet, you can choose from a variety of settings and add-ons which you can input into your blog sites. Blogging software and services are widely available. Even those who do not know how to blog can start blogging by just following the instructions posted on blog sites, meaning they can be up and running in no time.

There are now literally millions of blogs in existence worldwide and

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Green Affiliate Marketing

Jumping on the Green affiliate Marketing bus makes sense in these self conscious times. It’s a popular choice now for millions of consumers to shop more wisely and give more thought to what they buy. Of course the big retailers are as always quick to catch on with a raft of so called Green products with environmentally friendly packaging. So if you are into affiliate marketing online or offline it would be a wise decision to jump in now.

Green Indicators

Green affiliate marketing is set to continue its rapid growth as world economies and consumers latch on to this buoyant market.

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