ClickBank Launches its own Featured Marketplace

In an effort to highlight a wider variaty of quality products ClickBank has launched it’s featured marketplace beta which picks out top performing products. When you click through from any featured product you have the usual promote link that launches a popup for your to fill in your CB user name, you can also get a more detailed overview of the product. You can explore further menu options including Featured Products, New Products, Top Performers, and if you have a product that you think makes the cut then you can Get Featured. Check it

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FeedBlitz Vs FeedBurner: No Contest

I’ve been thinking of changing my RSS feed over from FeedBurner to FeedBlitz, the former I have used for a while now but it has its limitations. FeedBurner has been slow to change since Google bought it out in fact it only recently started an enhanced beta stats dashboard. What tempts me to try out FeedBlitz is the merging of other RSS feeds and social media integration not to mention adding newsletters and marketing to the mix. I fancy trying out the 30 day free trial just to see how it performs. The minimum monthly charge starts at $1.49 and

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Google spruces up AdSense Interface

Surprise surprise, Google has spruced up and revamped AdSense and I must say at first glance I like the new look and feel of the AdSense interface. It’s a whole lot clearer and easier to navigate around with a modern well thought out design. I find it a lot more appealing with its easy admin layout to instantly edit ad units. The old interface was very unappealing and I never paid much attention to data other than checking the front page for daily earnings. That’s all changed now because it’s a lot more instant and understandable.

Earnings Snapshot


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Web-WorkAtHome Latest News and blues

A few things to update on what’s happening with Web-WorkAtHome, It’s been a busy couple of weeks with a lot changes for the blog. The hosting upgrade seems to be holding up okay so far and I have reintroduced Disqus for my commenting needs. Add to that the Infolinks integration which hopefully will help with running costs; these are all part of an ongoing overhaul of Web-WorkAtHome. In due course I want to try out Buy Sell Ads to increase advertising revenue. With all this activity focusing on WWAH I am a bit burned out but looking forward to

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How to Integrate Google calendars with WordPress

This plugin from Juan Sebastián Echeverry allows you to integrate your Google calendar into WordPress via an XML feed. For anyone who has Google calendars for work or study groups and has a WordPress installation then this plugin might do the trick. Juan has reused the code and extended an old plugin (wnpg-calendar) to build Kalendas.

According to the author you can put a calendar event in any page or post by using a short code… [kalendas:title,feed] , handy for highlighting any events for your readers whether they be students or work colleagues. Just remember when you are configuring

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