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Lifetime Residual Commissions: Best Business Models

Short article on Lifetime commissions

So what’s the best business model for earning as an affiliate, you guessed it, lifetime commissions or residual commissions. In essence you get commissions on any sales for the lifetime of your referral’s participation. Okay first of all the term lifetime commissions is a loaded phrase that get’s used all over the web, after all, it is a headline grabber. To avoid the “I’ve seen it all before” or “Yeh, it’s just another Spin by the marketing Gurus” you need to first of all understand just how this type of business model works. Although there are

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Internet Marketing Insights

For the example of Internet marketing for individuals and in broad terms, there are two groups of Internet users: those who surf the web for the latest mod cons and gossip and those who use the Internet for opportunities to make a living from working at home. If you take the first group of people these are the ones who are the most susceptible to news about scams and get rich quick schemes, unfortunately this group can be the hardest to sell to. A major part to blame for this scepticism is the sheer volume of information overload that bombards

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