Amazon Associates Banish UK PPC Clients

The news today came as a bit of a bombshell to all those UK Amazon associates who direct their PPC links directly to the website. I imagine there will be some fairly disgruntled associates who are now forced into drastic action which means either giving up on Amazon OR setting up their own websites to direct traffic to Amazon.

Have your own website then you’re in the clear

If you already promote Amazon products through your own website or blog then its business as usual, In fact even if you run PPC campaigns for Amazon products as long as your links

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Free Market Research Keyword Software

If you’re into keyword research or you are new to keyword strategies then this should suite you right down to the ground. Two very experienced market research analysts “Jason Potash” and “Jason Katzenback” have been busy preparing for the launch of their new product called Web2Mayhem. To whet your appetite they are giving away their free keyword software along with PDF and videos packed with tips and advice.

An Invitation

On Tuesday December 15th, I want to SET YOU UP with this suite of power-tools. Plus, you’ll access to my personal training system that walks you step-by-step how to set up your

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What is Your Definitive Guide to Adwords?

To make money… yes of course you do, but to do that you need a consistent strategy.
Are you looking for a definitive guide to AdWords?  There are plenty to be found on the internet, I’m sure, and each one will tell you that they’re better than the last.  And while they all (or most of them, anyway) all provide useful information to get you started using AdWords, what exactly is the definitive guide to AdWords?

Well, that depends on what you need it for.  Because the definitive guide to AdWords is going to look very different to someone who is just

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Can you Make Money on AdWords?

It wasn’t so long ago, that it was easy to make money with AdWords.  You didn’t need to know that much about PPC advertising.  You could get ads for pennies, and you only needed to have limited funds to get you started, you could sit back and watch your income increase as you made money on AdWords.

But, like any easy and simple way to make money when it becomes over popular it kind of dries up. The more people that joined in, the harder it became to make easy money with AdWords.  The increased competition drove up prices on AdWords

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