What URL Shortener do you use?

Anybody who is into social networking especially Twitter, will use URL shortening services every day, and there are plenty to choose from. The reason we all need these services is quite simple, they are there to shorten long or just plain ugly URLs. Lets’ take a look at some of these services and see if we can’t cash in for our efforts.

URL Shortener Choices

There is plenty of URL shortening services to choose from and the majority of them are free. If you are using any of these services then this is an ideal chance to gather click-through data and

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MySocialUrl Increases Sales

Here’s another slant on the sales page pitch from “MySocialUrl” the main difference with this idea is the social network integration. So I guess there idea here is that people are more likely to purchase from your offer or join up to your membership, and at the very least follow you on one of your social networks. The good part about this is the

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Is your call to action falling on deaf ears?

What’s your call to action? Are you scaring off potential customers?

I have to tell you I have come across many high pressured sales pitches in my time and yes I have fallen for a few and wasted my hard earned. I haven’t wasted my time buying all of these products; it’s just that I don’t have the time to put it all into place. One of the best services that I have come across is Resell Rights Wholesaler and the reason is that I can get the same products that very recently were selling for $30.00 to $60.00 a pop for a low monthly charge. I would say that nearly every product available is a separate project that can add to your online

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The Right Way to use PoP Up Ads

When you are surfing the internet and you run into a website you want information from, don’t you hate it when a popup occurs? Even if you have a popup blocker you still end up getting them. What about hover ads? My most hated ads. Some people just click the ‘close’ button to get rid of them. Or they may misfire and you end up with no hover ad or you just can’t close them.

Even if they do stay on the screen, you have to use your mouse to connect to the ad and type in what is required. This can be awkward to say the least. I know I have seen them as well. At first I didn’t like them, but in searching for my marketing efforts I found myself using

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Letter From Vicky

Thx for dropping by - always nice to see a new face.  Thx too for the encouraging words about my blog, esp since I’ve been neglecting it lately.  

just a quick note to keep in mind before you buy anything online..ALWAYS Google the product you’re interested in because you’d be surprised how often you can find it on some obscure discount site for a fraction of the price you were prepared to pay.  Quite often, eBay will even be selling the thing(s) you’re interested in.  I’ve found many of my very best deals doing this!  i even bought a

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