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Starting your own social network is easy

With self hosted CMS systems you can have your own social network where you have complete control to design and build a community on any subject. The biggest advantage of using these systems apart from being free is the CMS (content management system) which allows you to do exactly what other big social networks do everyday-SHARE. By using the power of collaboration, and with the users or members doing the hard work and enjoying it, you can have a very powerful revenue stream.

Share and Monetize

There is no end to how many ways you can monetize this system and if you

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Building Blogs for Profit

There are many ways to build your online presence, and as more and more people are realizing Blogging is a viable CMS (content management system). If you’re building blogs for profit then look no further than WordPress, for me the only choice. One of the benefits of WordPress is the ability to cross over from the traditional blog layout to a more general website look. In fact you might well have come across many sites that use the WordPress engine already without realising it. With the right theme and plugins there’s no limit to what you can do.

If you feel

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