Issues with Disqus

This is the Disqus commenting system at work,I just recieved this comment reply by email from another Disqus member who replied to my comment,so I thought I would post it from the Disqus admin. It seems to work okay and its a great way to extend the thread. I will still hold off until I can resolve the missing comments issues. Hi there,First of all Thanks for including my link in your Zementa list,I have decided to put the Disqus system on hold,primarily because of the loss of my comments. I can only assume that there is a clash with one of my other plugins,any how I have a pretty good setup for my comments and as the old saying goes if it aint broke don’t fix it. The programmer over at Disqus gave me the usual first option and ran me through the import option which i already did,I guess the only way to narrow it down is to disable all 40 plus plugins to find the culprit.

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Changing over to Disqus Comment System

I must admit I do have reservations about changing over especially since I already have an excellent commenting structure already setup. But because I use the social networks quite a lot in my business I thought it prudent to bring these networks onto Web-Work At Home. The networks that integrate with Disqus are FaceBook,FriendFeed,Twitter,Delicious all of which I use,also included are Flickr,Linkedin and Tumblr which I don’t use at the moment.

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