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NeoBux Forum Chat: Strategies to Ponder

Thought I would share my thoughts on one particular thread on the NeoBux forum about strategies. The member who started this conversation has been quite dogged in his/her approach. They extol the virtues of analysing individual referrals by way of how many days since last click and AVGs achieved to determine whether to recycle, or whether to leave the referral to return and start clicking again.

While I admire this user’s astuteness to detail I don’t agree with it entirely. Yes it is right that you look at the last time the referral clicked an ad and also look

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Free report Reveals 36 profitable Niches

Quick Review on Howie Schwartz free PDF report on “36 Money Pulling Niches”

The book’s main theme is about niche sites and it takes you through 36 money pulling niches. Along the way it describes lots of great research techniques

There are some important areas to remember when researching any niche and this free PDF niche marketing report reminds you (if you need reminding) of important research techniques to use.

For example: Google related searches; every time you do a search you obviously type in a specific keyword or keyword phrase. If you scroll down to the foot of the page Google shows

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