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Nice odds on Villa to win the Carling cup.. fancy a punt?
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What to do with killer whales in captivity? They are very cunning and intelligent and should never be put in a pond for our amusement. This is my view on the matter
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Things must be getting better at the banks, RBS only lost 5 billion compared to 24 billion but hey what the hell let's pay out 1 and a half billion in bonuses because we care....and because we can.
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Silent Sales Machine: Recommended eBay offer

eBay offers: Which ones are good, if any?

If eBay is your thing then this book comes highly recommended. Marketing products get sold all over the web and one of the best places to do this is eBay. Jim Cockrum’s “Silent Sales Machine” guides you through the maze that is eBay. Presentation is everything nowadays especially as you are up against thousands of other Internet marketers. To be successful on Ebay you have to get a lot of things right like setting up you profile and sales page as well as building up a leads machine, this book teaches you this and

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Is Commision Ritual for Real?

Is Commission Ritual the real thing? As most of you are probably aware by now Brian Johnson has released his affiliate marketing course. If you are not familiar with the guy then check out some of the clips below and find out for yourself. He certainly has no shortage of admirers and as with all affiliate course releases the word is well and truly out; with scores of reviews from other webmasters and movie makers around the web.

My own feeling about these courses is mixed, his free report which I downloaded is just about compelling enough for the newbie, but

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