My Top 20 WordPress Plugins revisited

Since September my main purpose for WordPress Plugins was for search engine optimization so there are a few important changes here and of course

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Google Profile Power

If you’re considering more ways to increase your exposure on the web to advertise your brand or your profile then take a look at Google Profiles. Now I had my own Google profile some time ago but to tell you the truth I had forgotten all about it, until I listened to Shawn Collins

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Changing over to Disqus Comment System

I must admit I do have reservations about changing over especially since I already have an excellent commenting structure already setup. But because I use the social networks quite a lot in my business I thought it prudent to bring these networks onto Web-Work At Home. The networks that integrate with Disqus are FaceBook, FriendFeed, Twitter, Delicious all of which I use, also included are Flickr, Linkedin and Tumblr which I don’t use at the

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Tap into Your Lost Traffic

How much traffic do you reckon you lose through the preverbal back door, you know, the visitors that come to your blog only to click away within seconds? Wouldn’t it be nice to get some feedback and gain traffic at the same time, well it is possible.

I hate paying for things on the Internet. I know, as an Internet marketer I should practice what I preach and buy things, but I just can’t bring myself to parting with the cash unless of course it’s an unbeatable offer.

Maybe I’m like this out in the real world too. If given the option

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