Categories Launches new Firefox Add-on

Here’s a quick update on the service that shortens your URLs and gives you a share in revenue. Recently they have introduced a new add-on for Firefox which makes it much easier and more convenient for sharing your links. To download the add-on you will have to sign up to Firefox first, this is due to the fact that Mozilla have changed their rules about downloading new and untried add-ons. The add-on is pretty much like any other URL shortener; you simply click on the icon when you want to share a link. I have tested out the

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How to Get to grips with Twitter Productivity

Today’s discussion on my choice of Twitter tools for productivity

You may have noticed lately that a lot of the articles have been guest posts, (I usually add my signature on my own articles) this has given me time to build and expand my social network. My main push on the social scene has been on twitter where I launched several other accounts. I wanted to diversify my twitter accounts into ecommerce, WordPress and technology along with increased interaction from my main twitter account. In order to manage and organize day to day use of these twitter accounts I needed to

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Twitter Success is just around the corner!

I thought I would share some twitter resources that can help you to automate the most common actions like messaging and RSS. Now let it be known that I am still fairly new to twitter and I still have a long way to go to reach the heady heights of the top twitters that have tens of thousands of followers. I consider twitter to be an important element when it comes to networking and is an invaluable tool to use for your work at home

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Browser WAR

Found this review over at Profit Programs Reviews, and just thought i would add my rants.
One thing i find with all these different browsers is that they are not all compatible with different sites and blogs. I have 4 browsers that i use, (FireFox-Google Crome-Flock-IE 7). Out of all of them my main choice for stability is Firefox latest version, this seams to be the most stable out of all the browsers that i have.I think that IE 7 for me is the most unstable browser that i have ever used but the previous IE 6 was my

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