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WordPress Marketing Friendly Theme

So if you are a regular visitor to Web-Work at home then you will have noticed my theme has changed. Oh yes and for the better! The Atahaulpa WP Theme has some pretty impressive additional options that you won’t find in many other themes excluding premium. The main reason for the changeover was page load time, less plugins and better sidebar options. The Atahaulpa theme requires less maintenance in the form of plugin upgrades as it takes over many of those jobs like SEO and custom sidebar widgets. My intention has always been to move to a more complete working theme that doesn’t need a lot of plugins. “Now I’ve nothing against plugins but” there comes a time when you reach your breaking point especially if you have a large blog network. The differences between Flexibility and Atahaulpa themes are like night and day, I never thought I would hear myself say that. I have got so used to using Flexibility and can have a new blog up and running in two or three days fully loaded with articles. I still intend to make use of Flexibility but will gradually integrate the Atahaulpa theme for my entire network. Below is a snapshot of what you can expect if you choose to use this theme. For a more detailed read head over to the Bytes for all Forum Continue reading this article

My Top 20 WordPress Plugins revisited

Since September my main purpose for WordPress Plugins was for search engine optimization so there are a few important changes here and of course monetization Continue reading this article

Do Businesses Trust Their Employees

I'm all for employers embracing this notion of having their employees work from home, but safeguards need to be setup and boundaries set. With all the available technologies that we have nowadays for sure a work scheme can be set up in order that the employees could be monitored to keep track of their productiveness. Both parties have to give concessions and allow for certain safeguards to be implemented. There's a long way to go but if employers can arrange a suitable agreed working system that both parties agree to it will have lasting beneficial benefits for everyone concerned not to mention drastically cutting back on pollution. Continue reading this article

Independent Internet-age freelancers

A lot of people who are thinking of giving up their full time job to work at home are doing just that! "Thinking about it". Many people from different backgrounds and locations have taken the plunge and committed themselves to earning a full time salary from home. I can understand why a lot of people are reluctant to go ahead what with all the economic uncertainties, pretty much every day you hear of another big company who has cut the working week. Being innovative and flexible are qualities that you need in this ever changing landscape. Who knows where we'll be this time next month or next year, the time to act is right now to protect yourself and your family. Continue reading this article

Flexibility Beta Version Review

Overall this version is very promising for bloggers and aims to simplify the whole process of editing and importing images above and beyond the preloaded ones. It still retains all the editing options of the previous version but allows you to quickly change the main colour settings. Continue reading this article

Flexibility Rock’s

Welcome to my NEW FLEXIBILITY theme, what do you think? Maybe still a little rough around the edges but getting there. I just have to tell you that the Flexibility theme is by far the best WordPress theme that I have ever come across thus far. This Guy has got some serious talent, and to top it all the theme is available absolutely free of charge, all he asks is to keep his footer links intact, small price as far as I'm concerned. If you want to have a unique WordPress theme, then I highly recommend that you give Flexibility a try. I was quite amazed at the whole setup, you can change practically every aspect of your theme, including colours, fonts, backgrounds, headers, logos; the list is endless. You can… Continue reading this article

Looking for a new look (Update)

Image representing MyBlogLog as depicted in Cr...*Image via CrunchBase*
Hi all, well so far I have been tinkering around this latest template from & I quite like it. The only thing with blogger is that it doesn’t allow you to add extra pages unlike WordPress which does and adds more flexibility. I am impressed so far with this template it has a nice professional appearance although it is a pain in the ass changing the readymade built in ad block.