Free Stuff

Probably one of the most misused words in the English language today is the word “Free.” When you hear the word “free” what is the first thought that comes to mind? Probably phrases such as “What’s the catch?” “You can’t get something for nothing.” or “It’s probably a scam.” It’s a shame that because of gimmicks and fine line print offers that the word “free” only briefly excites us and then makes us suspicious. But every now and then an exception comes along that’s truly free-no strings attached, no hidden agendas. Here are 5 of my

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Affiliate Masters Gathering

Gather round folks for the greatest show on the planet! Well okay maybe that’s just a little bit melodramatic, but seriously if you want to grab some fantastic freebies then I suggest you look out for this one. The “Masters Gathering” has all the pomp and ceremony of a Presidential get together with all the frills included.

The Mega All Star Launch has some of the top Internet Marketers on show to help you succeed. The world’s top transformation experts and bestselling authors have come together for one of 2009’s biggest launches…

The assembled All Star Cast for this Masters Gathering includes:


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Free and Paid Autoresponder Choices

Part 3 of Newsletter Creation

Previous instalments: Newsletter Creation Choosing newsletter Formats

As you can see over on the sidebar I have set my Newsletter opt in form up and will be using EbizResponse for shear reliability.

I tried out the free AutoBot responder to see if I would like it; this free service promises a lot but can it deliver on those promises. Here are some of the benefits that AutoBot says it will deliver; I have just written this post as I go through the process of signing up and testing the system called AutoBot.

So after signing up you’re taken to

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“Freebies” to add value to Your E-book

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For those of us who regularly shop on line are familiar with the array of free gifts, free bonuses and just plain freebies that are offered to a visitor to a website to encourage them to buy. How could you collect, select and offer free gifts, which will be valued as much as the original merchandise that is being purchased and put these gifts together and add them to your E-book? Here are just three steps to do just that.

1. Identify your key words in each chapter of your E-book. Now, type those words into your favourite

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