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Work at Home Freelance Consultant

For those of you leaving a business career behind or with skills that fit a need in the marketplace, freelance consultation would fit in well. You can work from home consulting businesses on what they need; this is a very big market at the moment.

For example, if you have extensive history with sales, you could market yourself as an individual to consult with companies and improve their sales. If you have engineering skills, you can market those skills to companies struggling with their product production. There is no limit to the number of ways you can work in this field.

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Work At Home Bridal Consultant

Home Based Business (Full time or Part time)

Do you love weddings?

Do you have experience planning them?

If so, you could have a job as a wedding planner or a bridal consultant. This work at home business does require more planning, but never the less this is a business you can run mostly from your home. The job of a consultant is to plan virtually every aspect of the wedding, by working with the bride and groom.

For those of you who are very organized and pay attention to detail, this could be a great home based business for you and a

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