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How Bloated WordPress Blogs can crash your network

This article is in response to recent issues with my hosting service, namely Hostgator who I have a shared hosting account with. I will tell you a story about bloated WordPress installs that might make you think twice about claims by hosting companies. The claims I am talking about are the usual sales hype that get thrown around like confetti… unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and the ability to host unlimited websites. Yep that‚Äôs okay until you start launching WP installs, one after another and use resource hungry plugins, then suddenly you start overloading the CPU on the

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Internet Monitoring Tools

Monitor your website

Just for a change this blog post is about Desktop software applications to help you monitor, monetize and boost your productivity. Some of these applications are FREE to download along with membership and paid offers, please feel free to distribute them to your friends and leave a comment.

Monitoring your network

Let’s face it we all have down times online, and there is no such thing as 100% server uptime, as much as the hosting companies would have us believe. There are many free and paid services that you can use to monitor your network,

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