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My WordPress plugins list: Latest update

My WordPress plugins list: Latest update

This is my latest plugin list, it’s been a while since i last updated them, i think it was around August 09. As we all know WordPress wouldn’t be WordPress without plugins. I always try to find the best plugins and also make use of one or two premium plugins that will bring in revenue. WordPress 2.9 will be with us very soon and from what I have read on the forums promises to bring in more improvements particularly in the images department. You can find my list under the WP plugins page along with links

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Testing your way to a profitable website

Selling any product online requires an effective testing strategy.

If you are struggling to make money with your website or blog then perhaps it’s time to change the rules and really analyze your situation, testing your website can bring you a wealth of information that if used properly will open your eyes. People who are successful on the web today are constantly tweaking and testing their model to gain an advantage over their rivals. Little tiny improvements over time build up and give you that edge over the competition.

Testing is very straight forward with various free scripts and applications available, but

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Tips on How to maximize your Opt-in list

Make your link clear

When you are advertising or otherwise placing your link make sure that it is clear what it is for. Label it as your newsletter opt-in or email list opt-in.

Make your link prominent

Make sure that when you place your link that it is easy to see and not hidden amongst other things.

Promote on your home page

Make sure you let people know right off that you have an opt-in list. Let them know what it is and encourage them to opt-in. It should have a nice spot on your home page where it is easy to

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