My Top 20 WordPress Plugins revisited

Since September my main purpose for WordPress Plugins was for search engine optimization so there are a few important changes here and of course

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How to start your own Affiliate Review Site

At the moment review sites are very popular and can be an excellent addition to your online marketing activities. There are lots of companiesthat offer ready made or turnkey sites for webmasters that want to turn a quick profit. These sites which can be one page landing sites, to full WordPress blogs are a quick and easy way to build your presence online. For the PPC enthusiast who wants to chop and change and split test then these turnkey services are ideal.

Quality Counts
When it comes to PPC and quality it’s important to have a well oiled system that includes good coding

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Looking for a new look (Update)

*Image via CrunchBase*

Hi all, well so far I have been tinkering around this latest template from & I quite like it.

The only thing with blogger is that it doesn’t allow you to add extra pages unlike WordPress which does and adds more flexibility. I am impressed so far with this template it has a nice professional appearance although it is a pain in the ass changing the readymade built in ad block.

There are instructions on how to replace the ads and banners but this does take a hands on approach in dealing with the template. For all those

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