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How to Trade the Stock Market from Home

This is my idea of heaven, trading stocks from home and making a comfortable living. Is it possible? There will be plenty of enthusiastic home traders that will no doubt agree that it is and who are already make a good living from trading stocks and commodities. There must be thousands of individuals who have put their kids through college or university by profiting through the markets. I haven’t been near stocks since the late 80s; in fact I remember getting out just

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How to Get to grips with Twitter Productivity

Today’s discussion on my choice of Twitter tools for productivity

You may have noticed lately that a lot of the articles have been guest posts, (I usually add my signature on my own articles) this has given me time to build and expand my social network. My main push on the social scene has been on twitter where I launched several other accounts. I wanted to diversify my twitter accounts into ecommerce, WordPress and technology along with increased interaction from my main twitter account. In order to manage and organize day to day use of these twitter accounts I needed to

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Centralised E-Marketing Helper

Today’s post is about “EMarketing Helper” which I discovered on the Warrior forum, basically it’s a sales letter marketing suite, but it also has a bundle of tools to analyse your web stats along with article and squeeze page editing tools. Bear in mind that this review is based on my own first impressions, since the application is only in beta stage there are still a few bugs and kinks to clear

Continue reading Centralised E-Marketing Helper is rolling out a new interface is rolling out a new interface for its social bookmarking Icon, that little green icon with the pointy antennas that you may well have come across on numerous occasions. Instated of three tabs it has a row of send links at the top and a scrolling interface to find your preferred bookmarking site. Also it has a save to sharebox if you want to read any particular post later. It’s expected to be rolled out in the coming

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