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Browser WAR

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Found this review over at Profit Programs Reviews, and just thought i would add my rants.
One thing i find with all these different browsers is that they are not all compatible with different sites and blogs. I have 4 browsers that i use, (FireFox-Google Crome-Flock-IE 7). Out of all of them my main choice for stability is Firefox latest version, this seams to be the most stable out of all the browsers that i have.I think that IE 7 for me is the most unstable browser that i have ever used but the previous IE 6 was my prefered choice.

Having long been frustrated by the poor stability of Internet Explorer and never having been a big fan of Firefox, I was one of the early adopters of Google’s Chrome browser. Having used the new browser for a few weeks now, I have found that it is far more stable than IE and usually loads pages more quickly than its Microsoft counterpart. Despite the many pleasing aspects that I have found in Chrome, I have only been using it about half the time. Why, you might ask? For one reason, Roboform does not work with Chrome.

Flock is a great choice if you are active in the social network scene and security wise is on par with FireFox and IE7. Google Crome is very quick but for me i dont use it as much becuase like PPR i use Roboform, and Google isnt compatable yet with this password application.

The reason for having so many browsers on my machine is so that i can get an idea of how my blogs or sites look in each one and if need be change code to make them compatable with all browsers. This is sometimes quite difficult, and i find myself constantly changing codes particuarly java which clashes a lot with the blogs template codes and slows down loading time quite frequently. Time to ditch the widgets?

No doubt IE7 and Google Crome will get better, but for me i will stick to FF.

For all those Mac users who are probably saying there browsers are better! Who knows’ mabey they are, let me know if your in the hunt.

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