Why Branding Is essential for your marketing success

Just to wrap up the working week I thought I would discuss Branding but more accurately branding yourself. At the end of this article you will find a link that will give you a head start in marketing, so please make the most of it while it’s here. But don’t scroll down the page to quickly until you’ve read this post.

The upshot of branding is fairly self explanatory, but for those who are a little unsure here is what you can do with branding. The first thing people think of when they hear the word brand is probably PDFs or eBooks which are hugely popular. I’m sure many of you have downloaded eBooks which have been branded or have been offered with branding rights, and it’s a great way to spread your own brand or affiliate link to the web. By giving away branded eBooks either free or as an incentive to join your optin list or newsletter, is a very powerful viral marketing tool.

PDFs are just the tip of the iceberg; you can also brand many software applications or scripts with your messages. In fact offering branding rights to software titles is a fantastic way to increase sales, why? Quite simply the incentive to the buyer is irrefutable. Think about software programs which serve a useful and especially time saving job. People are screaming for productivity tools especially bloggers. There are some 1,463 Million Internet Users! This year’s “State Of The Blogsphere” report indicates there are around 133 million blogs, and they are only the blogs indexed by Technorati since 2002. So if that’s not enough to tempt you then you must be loaded!
If you’re looking for free eBooks to brand you shouldn’t have too much problem finding them, a great place to start is JVs or Joint Ventures, you only need to give your email address and then help yourself.

Here’s a few links to get you started
Profit Work From Home
Easy Viral Traffic
Lightning GivAway 4
Massive Monthly GiveAway
Ultimate PLR GiveAway
Viral eBook Explosian

Once you get your eBooks make sure that they give a generous amount of links to brand, if you’re lucky the download will come with a brander application which is as easy as pie to use. Of course if you feel you have the writing skills to produce your own eBooks then that’s great. There’s lots of programs out there to help you design the book cover an so on, any way that’s another subject that i think i have covered before.   … Below are some more ways to promote.

Ways to market brandable information as FREE Bonus reports

• Give them away as Free bonuses to get new subscribers

• Offer them to your current newsletter subscribers

• Offer them at your website as free content downloads

• Present them via a popup / pop under or pop over screen

• Submit them to free search engines

• Post them in forums & announcement directories

• Advertise them in ezine ads & pay per click campaigns

• Create your own special reports based on affiliate products

• Promote others ebooks & reports branded by you

• Base an article on a report linking it to the report signup page

• Let others give them away

• Use them in JV deals (sources above in the JV links)

And it’s all possible because of branding!
By giving Free Reports away, you can dramatically build your email list and boost YOUR affiliate commissions. The more viral reports you use in your marketing, the more it will increase your opportunities! Another great incentive for you to pass along free viral reports is the fact that more and more people are becoming interested in knowing how to brand PDF files. They want to know how they can create their own viral marketing funnel by branding eBooks’ and reports. So with that in mind here’s your chance to grab this FREE “PDF Power Brander” application, all you have to do is sign up to the affiliate program which is straight forward, there’s absolutely no pressure on you. Once inside the members’ area you have the option to make more sales and find some very interesting and powerful marketing tools.

Please feel free to leave your comments, perhaps you know of some other great resources out there?
Here’s your link: PDF Power Brander
Get Over 10 FREE Viral Rebrandable Software!
Have a Great Weekend

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Welcome to the third instalment of this New Product Launch series.

In part two we looked at the structure of the product launch and started our check list, so in part three we continue our check list.

B: For Affiliate Promotion.
*Affiliate System, set up to track sales for the small product, set to around 50-90% payouts and ready to go copy and paste advertising material for affiliates in the form of solo ads. Sole intention: resource building and very high commissions, enticing people to sign up and promote for you, increasing all your primary resources.*

Affiliate System, set up to track sales for the large product, set to around 40-60% payouts and ready to go copy and paste advertising material for affiliates in the form of solo ads. Sole intention: To put money in your pocket. Most of your resources will come through the promotion of the small product. This is where your profits come in. Keep the affiliate system here for a JV bargaining tool at the start. Move to regular affiliates after making a number of personal and JV sales.

C: For Your List.
List for collecting names who buy the small product.
Sole Intention: Resource building of ‘Customers’. For people who buy your small product. They will form the basis of your list of customers ready to sell onto your bigger product manually if the follow-up doesn’t work, or, use for future large products. This will feed into your autoresponders forming list #1. “Medium priority customers”

List for collecting names who buy your large product. Sole Intention: Resource building of ‘Long term Customers’. Your special people who have proved they’re ready to buy, will form the basis of long term customers who will also be fed straight onto future larger products, along with preferential treatment from you. They will be the least numerous, but the biggest money makers. Again this feeds into your autoresponders forming list #2. “High priority customers” List this for collecting names that visit but don’t sign up for anything on the small product site.

Sole Intention: Resource building of ‘Standard List’. People who buy nothing, but sign up for your special report or you’re in a rush reports, will form the basis of all your future promotion. List for collecting names who visit but don’t sign up for anything on large product site.

Important, it doesn’t interfere with your sales process on a high ticket item site, this is there to make you profit and not build resources.
D: For Your Research.
An ad tracker set up.
Sole Intention: Research & Testing. Used for split run testing, testing of ads and different methods of collecting your resources, and coming up with new products or modifications to current ones. Test two variations of one aspect of your sales system, ask yourself which one works best, keep it, move on to another test. Use to refine your sales system for this and future products.

E: For JV’s.
Affiliate system set up especially for JVs for small product.
Sole intention: Resource building of JV’s and business contacts. 100% commissions on a smaller product can be a great bargaining tool and a massive resource builder.
Affiliate system set up especially for JVs for your money maker, or your high ticket item.
Sole Intention: Resource building of JVs and business contacts, to make a big profit. This may not even be needed, but it’s nice to have since every deal differs. You may find that your JV partner wants higher commissions for himself or for the affiliates he refers. A good bargaining tool which paves the way for long term relationships.
Folder or file for the details of each JV. Sole Intention: Resource Building of JVs. Keep everything in order, and have a folder for each joint venture you carry out. Record the person, their contact details, and the details of the joint venture, including its type, whether you’ll be able to contact them again in the future, how big their list is, how much you made, what you agreed etc.

That’s it. You’re all set and ready to go. If you don’t have every single thing set up in the above list, I’d suggest you get about setting it up. It seems a lot, but trust me, not only does it cost you hardly anything to set up (even the affiliate program you can keep going for $30 a month instead of laying down $500 right off) but it gets easier every time you create a product. Create the above once, and next time you come up
with and create a new product, you simply plug it in and you’re away. Don’t be put off at this stage. It gets easier, cheaper and more profitable as you go along.
Next up, we’ll be looking at the planning of your actual promotion and getting some resources rolling into your system and having them start to build each other whilst making you some cash along the way.

Before launching into this, I want to make one thing very clear. You’re not going to become a millionaire overnight. This is real business now. It’s about building your resources and improving your business, building on your experiences to create more and more successes with each product you release.

Let’s begin. We’re starting out two weeks before any of your promotion goes out, and we’ll end two weeks after your main promotion drive. This may seem like a long while, but once you get down to it, you’ll see the reasons for doing this. I’ll be blunt. If part of this doesn’t work, you’re going to lose out big time, and we can’t have that. Look around you, it’s happening to everyone. They don’t have big enough lists, they don’t have any affiliates, and they’ve never pulled off a joint venture and have nothing solid built up to provide a good promotion drive for present and future products. That’s what this launch is all about, resource-building for riches.

They say that in war no plan survives the first contact with the enemy. A good plan however, will make things easier to change and adapt as you go, and provide solutions to any new problems that might arise. For this reason, we’re going to spend some time in the planning and checking stages before we get to any promotion at all.
What we won’t be doing is asking you to spend thousands of dollars on promotion at this stage, so don’t worry. There are, however, some tools that are imperative that will cost you.

Okay then i hope this opening three articles has whetted your appetite for affiliate marketing and more importantly your desire to launch your own product. If you want to peruse this series to its final conclusion, then sign up to my Newsletter and i will give you the full unabridged system which day by day will take you through the creation and final delivery of your product launch. Your call to action!

28 Day Beginning to end Launch Guide

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The Structure of your Product Launch

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This is my Gripe at so called Gurus and their latest “nobody’s done it before” offer, my inbox is overflowing with repeat after repeat of so called oto’s (one time offers) and time limited offers. In fact a good percentage of these offers are just rehashed old products with a new name. But that being said there are some really great realistic offers out there; it’s just a case of sorting out the gems from the dross. You have to do your homework and think sensibly about the product on offer and ask yourself, how is it going to benefit me? What’s the cost involved and how easily and quickly will it produce profit?

Once you have answered all of the questions above and you still want to go ahead, Okay time to get a reality check! Unless you have deep pockets then you will have your work cut out. You need an edge over the competition and one good way to achieve this is by joining forces with other likeminded marketers. Joint ventures are a prime example of collaborating to gain you valuable mailing lists and links for your product. Read Previous Post on Giveaway Events

Gurus’ are so vain about their wealth and showing it off, every time I get an invite to look at some big cheesy gurus s latest bestest offer I cringe; because I know that they will get to the point where they just have to show a snapshot of their PayPal account or some other bullshit look for yourself here is the proof piece of evidence, then you’ll say oh wow I must join up; “NOT”. They just can’t help themselves, doesn’t it ever occur to them that the vast majority of people are not idiots and like me would rather watch paint dry than read all that dribble.

I tell you what though; when I do have the time to review and check out what’s on offer I look for sensible squeeze pages and products to promote; You know, not the ones that are about the length of a football pitch and blabber constantly about their PayPal accounts or have testimonial after testimonial; God if I ever see another testimonial in my life I will jump out the window. That being said if you didn’t have testimonials then people would be less likely to buy, but sensible use of testimonials is preferred.

No I mean something that really gets my marketing juices flowing something that stands out from the crowd and delivers the real McCoy. And I just have to say for me; getting something that I can use to further my own knowledge in my own online endeavours has to be “How to” Videos or specific technical online courses laid out in a constructive way with informative step by step instructions. Let’s face it we don’t all have the advantage of a technical background and this is one of many areas where a lot of people just give up. Visit this Video Tutorial Website to watch some examples. Oh ok there are a few testimonials but they are short and concise

Remember your customer has preconceived ideas & concepts of what they are reading or viewing, so you have to sell to their Human Nature. That’s it then; this is in my humble opinion is the main key to success. Or is it! Well this is certainly one of the key concepts but there are many more. All of the traditional methods of conveying your message still need to be used to utilize this human nature.

Proven Sales, Marketing, and Advertising tips and resources that tap into the incredible power of human nature appeal. Use these tools wisely and with vigour to connect with people, it sounds fairly straight forward and it is. So ingrained concepts & ideas, serve us well in our everyday lives no matter what the subject is.

Replacing preconceived notions with new ideas is often exactly what you have to do to sell your products & services. I hope you enjoyed this post and give some serious thought to your online endeavours, Remember nothing happens overnight unless you’ve just won the lottery.

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