Niche Market Research; How & Where

Here’s an excellent Video from “The Thirty Day Challenge” (Brent Hodgson)

3 Steps to Online Market Research – Uncover Hidden Cash Cows Online

One of the most important aspects of running a profitable online business is in selling something that people want, in masses.

Whilst selling a few copies of your obscure niche eBook may appeal at first, the truth is that unless you can release a product or service that hundreds, if not thousands of people will clamber to your site to buy each day, then there’s little chance of you reaching your financial goals online.

After all, who wants to work long hours at their computer only to find out that their efforts have gone to waste because nobody wants to buy?

That’s why

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Looking at Niche Markets

Many entrepreneurs think that selling to the widest possible market is the likeliest path to success, and in many ways this can be true. But take a step back and think a little outside the box, Of course I mean Niche Markets. If you get your tactics right and put in some key research then the rewards can be very lucrative indeed.

Occupying a niche means you won’t be competing with a lot of similar businesses solely on price. And because you will be selling products and services that are customized to the specific needs and behaviours of a select group

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eSources Market Research Wizard

This is the tool every professional eBayer and online retailer has been waiting for. It will give you a tremendous edge over your competition and ensure you can make maximum profits from your online listings. It is not uncommon for reports to indicate increased sales of up to 80% when you follow the advice given, at sales prices as much as 60% higher than listing randomly alone.

The wizard will tell you precisely, for any product, which eBay listing options will net you the best sales. Each report will also reveal the best times of the day, month and year

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