The Structure of your Product Launch

Part two in this Product Launch series

The first thing I want to do is touch on the structure. Remember your goals and keep them solidly in mind when designing your own product launch promotion drive. Your overall aim isn’t to make millions through one product it’s to use these products to build your resources so that you can make your money with future products.
The bigger you build, the more you’ll make. For reference, here’s the direction I use in all my marketing courses that clearly shows the 5 big resources you should be building to ensure your online

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Maintain Focus in Online Marketing Fortune

Maintain Focus and Online Marketing Fortune Will Follow… Lose Focus and Money & Internet Profits Will Slip Away…
Focus is a tricky proposition. We all come by focus naturally, but the clarity and intensity of our focus is the challenge that most people encounter. Throughout our daily lives, there are a multitude of things that command our attention and these things in and of themselves require focus — our jobs, our family, our responsibilities to ourselves and others… the list goes on. And yet, when it comes to a new or ongoing business venture, it is often life’s daily responsibilities

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