Do Addon Domains Affect Page Rank for Shared Hosting?

Many shared hosting accounts allow you to add unlimited addon domains so that you can build up your network. This raises issues about how this may affect your Page Rank on your primary Domain and or any site or blog that you spend a lot of time on. The question was raised by a concerned webmaster to Matt Cutts who replied through GoogleWebmasterHelp

The question:

What’s your take on “addon domains?” Does Google penalise someone for having one or more addon domains on their main website,(or if their self hosting)? If you saw 2, 5 or 10 websites all coming

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Google's Matt it again

It’s all a matter of interpreting Google’s stance, which in its self is a challenge. The article question was fairly revealing and makes sense, this mass submission idea is unworkable today. Picking out key well known article directories and submitting quality materiel is the preferred action. On the question of does the age of a website have an effect on the sites Page Rank; Ohye’s answer was not really decisive enough for me. It does give more weight and hope for new websites and blogs, and from what i can gather enforces to some degree the importance of trust and credibility for older domains.

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