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Grow a Facebook Fan Page Overnight

Facebook fan pages have become the new focus of the online marketing world. Evidence of their power and influence is extensive and underground marketers using them have reported earning thousands every day. So what can we do to grow our Facebook fan pages to the stage where they’re gathering viral traffic like crazy? In this article, I am going to go over one fast and effective method of achieving this.

The first time I fully understood the power held in Facebook fan pages was when I was surfing through my profile news feed. I’d seen that a friend

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How to Integrate Google calendars with WordPress

This plugin from Juan Sebastián Echeverry allows you to integrate your Google calendar into WordPress via an XML feed. For anyone who has Google calendars for work or study groups and has a WordPress installation then this plugin might do the trick. Juan has reused the code and extended an old plugin (wnpg-calendar) to build Kalendas.

According to the author you can put a calendar event in any page or post by using a short code… [kalendas:title,feed] , handy for highlighting any events for your readers whether they be students or work colleagues. Just remember when you are configuring

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Content Spinners for Backlinks; Great if you use them properly

Most webmasters know about content spinners and there is divided opinion on whether they are any use or a complete waste of time. You either love them or hate them, and if you want to get an idea of the differing opinions then browse any marketing forum. Personally I think they are a good thing for IMs, especially those who have a lot of blogs or websites that need plenty of fresh content. The problem is that many subscription services that utilize content spinners for their members don’t have decent quality management. The end result is poorly produced

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Top 5 email providers according to YOU

Email providers are an important part of any Internet Marketers toolbox; you can employ the services of premium providers, relevant if you envisage having a large list of clients, or you can use Outlook if you have around 50 or less on your list. Using a premium service like Aweber allows you to have separate lists and segments as well as auto remove and bad address monitors. You have a wide range of templates to choose from to design your newsletter and usually the support is excellent and with real people.

To give you an idea of what to

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