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Considering an MLM Home Based Business?

If you are considering an MLM home based business, there are a few important factors to take into consideration.

MLMs or Multi Level Marketing can be a very lucrative home based business option for you. But you should also know exactly whether or not what you are getting into is truly an MLM home based business or something else.  It could well be a scam waiting to pounce on you.

And, you need to weigh out the positives and negatives of an MLM home based business before you decide if it’s the right business for you.

Making sure you are actually getting involved in a legitimate MLM home based business is important to save yourself some difficulties later on.

An MLM home based business involves the direct selling of products or services through the recommendations or endorsements of independent representatives. If you are the rep’, you receive a commission on any sales that come from your endorsements.

One of the most important points to remember is that most products sold through an MLM home-based business are not necessarily advertised through mainstream media or in stores.

The confusing part of determining if your MLM home based business is genuine can be quite difficult because of there are a number of pyramid schemes out there that are dangerously similar to a legitimate MLM home based business concepts. A pyramid scheme is illegal, and getting involved in one can cause you more trouble than you can possibly imagine.

Checking out your MLM Business

You will need to do your research into the MLM home based business that you are considering so that you are sure that the kind of MLM home based business you are going to run is valid and legal. If your investment is proportioned and well researched; the product or service you are selling will bear out.

There are a number of advantages to having an MLM home based business.

First of all, you will be working from home where you can virtually set your own hours, which is probably why you are considering an MLM home based business in the first place.

Also, you don’t have to manufacture any products, because you are usually selling things that are already made. The MLM home based business will usually come with a pre-determined marketing plan. Pick a product or products with good affiliate resources that stretch the boundaries.

Many people suffer through the process of determining the most effective methods for marketing their products, but with an MLM home based business, you are relieved of that stress.

Disadvantages of MLMs

The disadvantage of having your own MLM home based business may well depend on your personality. If you have good leadership skills and you are a self-starter, then an MLM home based business will pose no problem to you. However, if recruiting and selling gives you problems, then starting and maintaining an MLM home based business may be more of a challenge, since your success depends on your ability to create a downline of recruits.

Having your own MLM home based business means that you can live out your dream of being your own boss and having flexibility in your work schedule.

You don’t need any prior experience, and you can rely on your personality to recruit and maintain your downline. There is a major factor in all of this and that is shear hard graft and determination and be consistent in grabing your downlines (recruits).

Do your research to make sure your MLM home based business is a sound and legal business. Then you can truly enjoy the freedom and the profits that will surely come with a MLM Home Based Business.

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Why Two Tier Affiliate Programs?


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For anybody who is not familiar with affiliate marketing, two-tier will probably be a new term to you. But to those who are involved in this kind of marketing; it means a reliable stream of income. Two-tier is a feature of any particular affiliate program where affiliates are allowed to sign-up additional affiliates below them. So that when the sub-affiliates otherwise known as second tier affiliates, earns a commission, the affiliate above receives a commission too.

In a two-tier system, the first tier of commission is just like the usual affiliate program. The sole difference is that it has an additional tier/ or sub-affiliate, whereby marketers also gain a commission once the people that the additional tiers referred to the program generate sales. Affiliate programs can have a multi-tier program with infinite number of levels; however, there are practical limitations. As tiers increase, the affiliate program draws more webmasters who are mostly interested in gaining profit from other’s work and effort.

Two-Tier affiliate programs are also recognized as Multi-Level Marketing. When you sign-up for an affiliate program, you are identified as the first tier and the person that you have recruited or encouraged to sign up is the second tier. If there are additional tiers, then the system can now be regarded as multi-level marketing (MLM). But today, MLM isn’t as effective and successful as it was several years ago. This is because at present, affiliates can freely select from thousands of affiliate programs and they can quickly switch from one program to another.

So if you want to use two-tier affiliate programs to your advantage and generate more income by encouraging sub-affiliates to sign-up below you, make sure that you carefully choose your affiliate merchant. Pick those merchants who generate a stable stream of high quality products. Make sure your merchant has a good tracking system and has a good reputation for looking after their affiliates. Look for the merchant who gives high visitors-to-sales conversion rate.

It’s also advisable that you find yourself a web merchant that has a user-friendly website which you can access anytime to monitor your statistics including visits and sales. And if possible, choose the one with powerful marketing tools which you can use in promoting their products.

Pick wisely or you will just be wasting your time and effort, worse still damaging your reputation. As soon as you start promoting a poor program it will reflect on you and your site. This is the reason why it’s so important to pick first-rate affiliate programs. Through these, you can not only build up a good relationship with your visitor, but also, you can easily get more tiers to sign-up under you. You should also be cautious of some affiliate programs that give more importance on the profits to be earned in taking on other affiliates than on the income from sales, because eventually someone has already closed those sales without informing you. Usually, this kind of affiliate program offers a very low first-tier payment but a sky-scraping second-tier commission.

If you want to start an affiliate program of your own, you have to decide whether it will be a single tier or two-tier affiliate program. Which of these two programs are better? Let’s look at the benefits you could get out of the two-tier affiliate program.

First off, your profit will increase due to increased sales from the customers that your second tier has referred. Second, you have a much broader customer base to which you can sell your products and services. You gain more stable income because the customers referred by your affiliate and sub-affiliates could develop a lifetime loyalty for your site and your products. Plus, you have an army of sub-affiliates who will promote and resell your products and services to their visitors and subscribers.

Two-tier programs are a proven winner and should be the number one choice for affiliates as well as for the affiliate program managers. So I hope you can now see the advantages of two-tier affiliate programs.
As Spok would say live long and prosper.

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