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How to Build Affiliate Marketing Websites the Easy Way

First of all it is easy to set up an affiliate marketing site but to be successful with it takes a lot of hard work and time. There are lots of myths about affiliate marketing which attract many people into believing overnight riches are feasible. While there is the odd exception for the vast majority it just doesn’t happen like this, success in affiliate marketing only works when you put in the graft. If you are planning to start affiliate marketing then you need a website, not just any old website but a professional website that has all the elements for capturing your visitor’s attention… Continue reading

How SEO Myths can mess you up (Free Report)

Disinformation breeds Contempt and confusion, "is that all!" How SEO Myths can mess you up (Free Report) To round off the week here’s a free report for you to download that will set you on the right path about Search Engine Optimization. There are so many seo myths on the web today that it can be an absolute nightmare, especially for the newbie. To set the record straight, check out this excellent free report all about backlink myths. Always remember that SEO is a constantly changing beast and it’s always good practice to subscribe to an authority site. Since Google is the biggest kid… Continue reading