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I recently read a really good post about twitter entitled (Show your soul & engage users). The post opened up my eyes, there is a lot more to twitter if used in the right way. For me twitter has been a bit of a love hate relationship, and by that I mean that I detest the mundane useless claptrap of peoples everyday tasks, which are of absolute no use to me what so ever and give no real value to any user. Now before you start reaching for the un-follow link and banish me to the trashcan I do understand

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Cashing in on an obsession

One way to make a living as an affiliate is to identify a hot trend or an obsession and write about it. Here’s an excellent example.

Celebrity Baby Blog - cashes in on the obsession millions of people have with celebrities.

It posts photos of celebrities and their babies, tells fans what the babies are wearing, and provides links to stores where the products can be bought.

Does this sound boring to you? Read on and weep when you see the numbers involved…

The blog’s founder, 32-year-old Danielle Friedland, a former Avon Products executive assistant, says she launched the blog in 2004 as

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