Categories Launches new Firefox Add-on

Here’s a quick update on the service that shortens your URLs and gives you a share in revenue. Recently they have introduced a new add-on for Firefox which makes it much easier and more convenient for sharing your links. To download the add-on you will have to sign up to Firefox first, this is due to the fact that Mozilla have changed their rules about downloading new and untried add-ons. The add-on is pretty much like any other URL shortener; you simply click on the icon when you want to share a link. I have tested out the

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Marketing with SlideSense

Pop-up’s are more prevalent now than they ever were before, people either put up with them or move on to the next site. For me it’s a love hate relationship, if it’s a site that I visit often then I put up with them, if not then usually I move on unless the site I am visiting has crucial research material. It never fails to amaze me just how many different techniques programmers use to capture visitors details. Human ingenuity knows no bounds when it comes to marketing to the masses.

Keeping the intrusion of popups to a minimum requires a

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