Pay Per Click Tips for 1st Timers

A few quick points to take into consideration for first time PPC users

*Recommended third party PPC providers outside the big players like Google and     Yahoo …. Shop around! or MSN,,

*Conversion tracking is vital to you know where your activity is whether it be your landing pages or sales.

*Auto credit your Credit Card   “turn off this option” unless you’re loaded!

*Set up separate pages without Google AdSense if you are using their service, this way you can see what kind of earnings are accumulated and split test.

Example … This Company decided to test AdSense ads on their website, but opted

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AdWordsDigger and what it can do for your Blog

This application is very useful if you are looking for blogs or websites to advertise on, in fact the makers push this selling point more than anything else. If you do venture into Google Adwords and have an active Google placement targeting campaign for your PPC, then this program is ideal for your business. It’s not rocket science; wouldn’t you rather be targeting high traffic website and blogs with your advertisements?

The program is simple to use and generates results in seconds, take a look at the results below for the Keyword phrases “Home Business” and “Work From

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