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Is there a better alternative to

An interesting post about cloaking your links from Jonathan Leger, I have always been an admirer of his obvious SEO skill and his innovative products. However I was a little surprised when he wrote this post purely to promote his service. Now at first glance you may think that is the answer to all your cloaking problems, but if you take a closer look at you may not want to use it as your preferred cloaking

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Scam Alert !!!!!

I just wanted to alert anybody who has had this latest scam email dropped in to their inbox, just in case you havent read up on it. The following post is from …

Yippee everyone, its finally here! Ripoffgu….sorry, “freeadguru” Stephan Ducharme - you know him, he’s the man with just about the worst reputation on the internet
- has his new amazing site up and running - - Software - Free traffic - Free MLM Leads right from the get-go its as he promises free leads which turn out to cost $97 a MONTH!

I’ve bought

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