ReviewAZON Pro Review, is it ready yet?

ReviewAZON Pro

ReviewAZON Pro 2.0 is finally released to the general public, It’s been a long time since I tested the beta version of ReviewAZON Pro but never the less it’s out. So what are my impressions and have I changed my mind since the last review? Well I did breeze through the setting up of ReviewAZON Pro but I did have prior knowledge, I suspect for someone completely new it will still be a steep learning curve. That being said there are plenty of tutorial resources to guide you through with the help of a forum of other users and Brad Hanson.

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Web-Work At Home WordPress plugin Catch up List


Here’s a WordPress plugin catch up list. I have written one or two more WP plugin lists since the last post on the 17th of August 2009, my doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun ;-) quite a few of the plugins I used previously are gone or replaced. A lot of the commenting plugins were replaced and more emphasis is placed in SEO plugins, So here is my updated list which is more suited to my lifestyle taking in to account my limited time for blogging. 29 active WordPress plugin as of 28th August 2011

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Could The Answer To Your IM Problems Be KeywordSpy?

What is the most time consuming part of internet marketing? It is not building websites. What really takes up the most time is the research he must do to create a plan for making money and dealing with all the competition in his niche. You can’t simply put up a website and expect to make money; you have to know quite a bit about your market and competition first. This information does not come to you by itself; it takes research to figure it all out. A good portion of your success comes down to keyword research; if you use PPC, you have to know the cost of keywords, or if you use SEO, you have to calculate which keywords have the highest search volume and the most competition. All of this takes up time! KeywordSpy is a program that is designed to make this easier for you.

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IMEye Keyword research Tool, Yet another one

Another Research Tool hits the market to help you find Profitable Markets & Niches, in other words it takes all the grunt work away and saves you a bucket load of time. “IMEye” according to sources at the Warrior forum is a big time saver and will show you keywords that are in certain monthly search ranges of say around 50,000 per month, and show you keywords with less than 250,000 competing pages along with high/low bids for AdWord campaigns, in other words it will tell you the most profitable options to base your AdWords campaign on, or which keyword(s)

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Need Help with Google AdWords? Then download this free Comprehensive Guide

“AdWords made easy”

This free E-Book is available to view in your browser to read online and to download to your computer. I highly recommend giving it a read, it has many insightful strategies from Brad that will open your eyes and allow you to profit from Google AdWords. The book takes you step by step through various scenarios and uses practical examples to explain the process of writing your ads and making use of different types of keywords and phrases. All the elements of a successful campaign include the use of landing page and Google quality score as well

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My Top 20 WordPress Plugins

What plugins do you use?

In this post I want to discuss WordPress plugins and narrow down which ones are essential and which of them are useful in other ways. As any self Hosted WordPress user will tell you, plugins are essential for many important parts of your blog from SEO to Statistics and a myriad of other uses. This list includes my top 20 plugins that i use regularly, at the time of writing this list I have 42 plugins and I dare say other WordPress users have a lot more; so I would love to hear

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