How Social Oomph can explode your Twitter presence

This post was written due to a recent conversation that I had with a fellow Amplify user Jamie Pelaez who was extolling the virtues of Social Oomph’s premium services. My conversation about Social Oomph’s integration with Amplify was probably less than flattering to Social Oomph in as much as I thought out loud that it was a pity that this was only available to premium members. That being said Jamie went on to lambast me about Free Vs Premium services in general and I have to agree with Jamie that people do have to get paid or else why

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Give up self hosted WordPress and move to Blogger…Nope

Google’s Blogger service has been around for quite a while now and is used by millions of individuals and groups around the world. It’s where I first started when I decided to run a blog and was a simple and easy set up, with its drag and drop interface even a kid could get going and have an online presence up in no time. There are pros and cons with Blogger as opposed to a self hosted blog on say WordPress, the latter which I have now moved on to. The biggest and most appealing aspect of Blogger

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How Twitter Awareness Builds your Followers

How Twitter Awareness Builds your Followers

Twitter for Marketers is a valuable and useful tool for promotion but this could be its undoing. Twitters original concept was for genuine communication between people young or old. It now seems that the biggest users that drive the bulk of the Twitter traffic make up only 5% of users, the rest of the traffic is generated by auto bots, RSS feeds etcetera. That 5% mentioned earlier are hard core marketers, so you have to assume by these figures that Twitter will fail to grow beyond its present levels. What do you

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SEO Quake AdsSpy Issues?

SEO Quake along with AdsSpy is a powerful Firefox extension that allows you to slice and dice any online presence and literally put it under the microscope. For those of you that want to improve your SE rankings, you can’t get much better than this especially since it’s free. From the options panel you can set your search engine parameters to multiple variables to pull in stats. Before you use this extension you have to be aware of its complexities and possible conflicts… read on

The SEO toolbar for your browser shows various stats including

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